Food Carts Portland

Locals and food-loving tourists alike know that some of the best food in Portland and beyond is from small street stands, carts and other non-restaurants.

Others might call them lunch wagons, food trucks, taco trucks or snack shacks, but in Portland they are food carts, and they’re truly a phenomenon. Set up in “pods—or clusters—around the city in parking lots, on sidewalks and even in parks, Portland’s food carts are multiplying at an astounding rate. You can find anything from delicious soups and sandwiches to brunch and exciting ethnic foods from Hawaii, Africa, Scandinavia and everywhere in between.

Visit for a complete rundown of food cart offerings and locations. Open primarily Monday through Friday for lunch, though some carts are open all day and even late into the night.

Additionally, Food Carts Portland offers tours of some of the city’s most prominent carts and pods. Visit the website or inquire at the Visitor Information Center in Pioneer Courthouse Square for more information.