Cultural Communities

People of every ethnicity and culture can find themselves in the independent and welcoming Rose City.

Every inch of Portland has its own unique history, and every Portlander has their own story. Read on to learn more about the city’s many cultural communities, and discover places and ways to find community while on a trip to The Rose City. For more things to do, check out our events calendar.

Know Before You Go

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Oregon’s governor has limited large events based on the current risk level.

Some events may be cancelled, postponed or held virtually. Please check the event website for the most up-to-date information.

Black Community in Portland

Portland’s rich Black community reaches beyond its historic roots.

Meet Bertony Faustin, Oregon’s First Black Winemaker

Oregon’s first Black winemaker, Bertony Faustin has been building community since 2007, when he launched his small-batch winery, Abbey Creek

Tiara Darnell Is Shaking Up the Cannabis Industry

The national cannabis scene is predominantly white and male; Portland’s Tiara Darnell, named Oregon’s best budtender for 2017, is working to change that.

Meet Kiauna Floyd, Owner of Amalfi’s Italian Restaurant

Black-owned Portland trattoria Amalfi’s has offered the same old-school recipes and community support for three generations.

Chinese American Community

Connect with the city's historic and vital Chinese American community.

Hispanic & Latinx Community

Portland's Hispanic and Latinx communities offers rich resources for visitors.

Japanese American Community

Japanese American culture is woven into Portland, with events and extraordinary attractions.

Japanese American History

Japanese Americans have been a critical part of Portland's past and present.

Japanese American Culture

Connect with Portland's rich Japanese-American heritage at sites around the city.

Japanese American Events

Portland's Japanese American community offers engaging activities all year long.

Jewish Community

Learn more about Portland's Jewish community and legacy, along with special cultural events and important landmarks.

LGBTQ+ Community

Learn more about Portland's rich LGBTQ+ history and places to share community.

Native American Community

Portland is home to the ninth largest Native American population in the United States.

Portland’s Bison Coffeehouse Celebrates Indigenous Culture

Meet Loretta Guzman, owner of Bison Coffeehouse in Northeast Portland, the city’s only Native-owned coffee shop.

Meet Queer Indigenous Musician, Black Belt Eagle Scout

Portland artist Katherine Paul draws inspiration from the riot grrrl movement, Nirvana and her Swinomish roots.

Indigenous Foods Resurface in Portland

Learn about and celebrate indigenous foods like camas, wapato and salmon in several Portland-area parks.

More Multicultural Portland

Read more about the rich multicultural history and present day in Portland.