• Jade International Night Market
    Jade International Night Market This vibrant marketplace (Aug. 24 & 31) celebrates Asian music, dance, food and more. Let's go! »
  • Piano Push Play brings music to the people
    Piano Push Play Portland's public spaces fill with funky refurbished pianos every summer. Strike a chord »
  • Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week in Portland
    Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week Eat your way through these celebrated 80+ local eateries (Aug. 26–Sept. 1). Dig in »
  • Portland Sunday Parkways
    Sunday Parkways Pedal safely through Portland's streets at these fun, family-friendly bike rides. Take a spin »
  • Multicultural murals of Portland
    Multicultural murals Take a self-guided tour of these globally inspired artworks. Stop and stare »

You Can, in Portland

No matter what it is you’d like to be, do, eat or drink — even if you’ve never tried it before — You Can, in Portland.

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