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Jobs at Travel Portland

Currently there are no job openings.

Request for Services

Travel Portland is seeking an agency or group to bring our brand voice to life via our social media channels.

Specific activities include community management, messaging (repurposing and crafting content to suit the needs of each channel), content curation and customer service. Full details are linked below –

The deadline for responses is June 24, 2019 at 5 p.m. The statement of work for
the contract will be negotiated with the successful respondent. We are looking
to commence service in August, 2019.


If you know and love Portland, the perfect volunteer opportunity awaits you with the Visitor Information Center located in Pioneer Courthouse Square. This is a chance for you to share your knowledge and passion for Portland’s sites, history and culture, while also learning more through ongoing training programs, newsletter updates and educational site tours covering area attractions, hotels, restaurants and events.

As a volunteer, you will serve as an integral part of the Travel Portland team by greeting visitors and providing them with directions or suggestions on key points of interest, dining options and more.

Conveniently located in downtown Portland — on both the MAX line and Tri-Met bus routes — the Visitor Information Center is easy to access from anywhere in the Portland area. During each four-hour volunteer shift, you will interact with local, regional, national and international visitors to Portland, making new friends and learning along the way.

Please fill out our volunteer application to learn about current available volunteer opportunities.