What We Do

Travel Portland generates travel demand that drives economic impact for Portland.

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We do that by promoting the destination in bold, innovative and collaborative ways that harness Portland’s personality and values and that connect visitors to authentic experiences.

We do it because we believe in the good of Portland and the transformative effects of travel.

Infographic titled We Are Travel Portland with four sections: Inspire More Visits, Increase Overnight Stays, Support Local Jobs, and Drive Visitor Spending.
We’re Travel Portland, a nonprofit founded in 1978 that inspires people to visit and contribute to our city’s economy.

Influencing Travel Demand

We promote Portland as a destination for leisure travel through advertising and events, and by supporting the work of national and international travel writers.

We promote Portland as a destination for conventions, conferences and other large groups through marketing and sales activities; and actively supporting these groups when they arrive to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We work with the travel industry to ensure Portland figures prominently in the itineraries of major tour operators worldwide.

Managing Place

Portland is a powerfully attractive place that draws ever-increasing numbers of visitors to the city and surrounding region. In 2018, tourism in the Portland metro region generated $5.3 billion in direct spending and supported over 36,000 jobs. What visitors love about the city and why residents love to live here are often one and the same.

To ensure that this success continues, while preserving what we love about our city, Travel Portland is evolving to manage the destination as well as market it. We want to be intentional about how the quality of life for residents can be balanced with the quality of the visitor experience, and how we can responsibly grow our tourism industry for the benefit of all.

Some of Our Initiatives

Guiding the Visitor Experience

We provide information to visitors so that they can make the most of their stay through our online and print materials and social media.