Marketing and Public Relations

Travel Portland’s Marketing Department crafts and articulates the destination’s brand; executes marketing programs to support the sales and services teams; and leads the organization’s direct-to-consumer marketing efforts, which include social media channels, e-newsletters and Travel Portland’s award-winning annual visitors guide, website and advertising campaigns.

This team:

  • Measures hotel demand, comparing Portland to competitive markets.
  • Measures consumer intent to travel to Portland (both regionally and nationally).
  • Via an advertising accountability study, measures the incremental visitation and market spending generated by Travel Portland.

The Public Relations (PR) team works to secure media coverage of Portland, which in turn raises awareness of Portland regionally, nationally and in our key international markets. PR is measured on media placements, key message resonation in target markets and circulation. This team:

  • Provides ROI on total earned media value of all editorial placements in national and international media of at least 25:1.
  • Generates ROI on media placements about OCC and/or MERC facilities of at least 25:1.

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