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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to these frequently asked questions: 

  • How does Travel Portland decide which businesses to cover? 
  • How can I get Travel Portland to write an article about my business? 
  • Why doesn’t my business appear in a given article, video or Near Me Now

The content of Travel Portland articles and other editorial pieces (videos, e-newsletters, etc.) is determined by Travel Portland’s editorial team in collaboration with individual writers. We only write about a small sampling of offerings in any category, be it stores, microbreweries, hotels or short-term rentals. There are several reasons for this limited scope: 1) Travel Portland’s mission is to increase visitation to the city and its neighborhoods (versus promoting specific businesses); 2) rather than overwhelm visitors with everything that is possible in the city, we provide a curated selection of what’s best, newest and/or unexpected; and 3) we have limited resources, so we can’t write about every worthy topic. 

There is no “pay for play” to be included in Travel Portland editorial content, meaning that a business’ Travel Portland partnership dues do not guarantee any editorial coverage. 

Travel Portland’s goals are broader than promoting individual businesses; we draw visitors into the city and its neighborhoods. Your business will reap the benefits of our coverage and promotion of Portland and its neighborhoods even if your specific business isn’t mentioned on our website. 

Ways to Show up on 

Ways to Show up in Google Searches 

While does receive significant views (8.5M pageviews in 2022), infinitely more potential customers visit than visit, so Travel Portland is committed to helping our partners appear accurately and compellingly in relevant Google searches. 

You can connect with more visitors by verifying and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Travel Portland has partnered with Locl, a Portland company that provides actionable steps to improve the GMB listings of visitor-facing and convention-serving companies. Participants also get tools to track their listings’ efficacy. Learn more and sign up for our Google Maps Program in partnership with Locl