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a man walking a bike across the street with a trailer with a dog attached, followed by a child on a bike, at a crosswalk with cars waiting

Exploring Gresham by Bike

Gresham, an east Portland suburb, offers a bevy of bike-friendly businesses and stellar views of Mount Hood.

wine vineyard

Tualatin Valley Vineyards and Farms

In Tualatin Valley, a verdant sliver of Oregon's Willamette Valley, farm-to-table isn’t a trend, it’s a way of life — and has been for years.

Skyline view of a mountain with snow beyond large pine trees.

What to Do on Mount Hood

Explore Mt. Hood — the tallest peak in Oregon — with this in-depth guide that covers weather, what to pack, where to stay, outdoor recreation and how to have an unforgettable experience.

a person kayaking on glassy water with puffy clouds reflected in it

St. Helens and Columbia County

With an emerald backdrop and riverside paths, outdoor adventure awaits from bird-watching on Scappoose Bay, or exploring the historic community of St. Helens, Columbia County offers countless family-friendly activities.

person sits on top of a rock overlooking the Columbia River as the sun sets

What to Do in the Columbia River Gorge

Just 30 miles (48 km) east of Portland sits the Columbia River Gorge — a rugged canyon on the broad Columbia River and home to more than 90 waterfalls, countless hiking trails, plenty of water sports, and several charming communities.

Welcome to PDX

You’ve landed at the nation’s best airport. Our map doesn’t include a lot of points of interest at Portland International Airport (PDX), but we do have some great information to share.

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Willamette River and Eastside Portland aerial view in the Fall, with map marker graphical elements above some buildings