Galleries, public art, events and avant-garde institutions fill Portland’s vibrant arts scene.

Art gallery wanderers, theater lovers and those with a curious eye will find something to marvel at in Portland. Read on to learn more about the city’s arts offerings, then check out our events calendar to plan your next trip to The Rose City.

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Arts Events

Portland's arts calendar is packed with things to do, including festivals and special exhibitions.

Visual Arts in Portland

View paintings, sculptures and other visual art in a wide range of galleries, public spaces and unexpected venues.

Arts Attractions

The city's museums and galleries feature work by renowned local and international artists.

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is central to the city's cultural district, housing a large and wide-ranging collection of artworks.

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

The North Portland art center's offerings range from visual art installations to collaborations with bands like the Shins.

Center for Native American Art

The Portland Art Museum's Center for Contemporary Native Art showcases the work of modern-day Native American artists.

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Art Galleries

Discover exciting local artists at these galleries located around town.

  • Blue Sky Gallery / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts

    Founded as the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts in 1975, Blue Sky is a venue for local photography. The organization has expanded its offerings over the last 35 years to include national and international artists.

  • Russo Lee Gallery

    Established in 1986, the Russo Lee Gallery exhibits high-quality work by both established and emerging artists. They showcase contemporary Northwest artists working in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, paper and print.

  • Guardino Gallery

    Since 1997, the Guardino Gallery has offered exhibitions that change every month and a gift shop with a fine selection of contemporary crafts.

  • Land Gallery

    This eclectic gallery and gift shop in North Portland showcases independent artists.

  • Nationale

    Nationale is an art gallery and specialty shop dedicated to the promotion of the arts through exhibitions, performances and a selection of carefully chosen goods.

Performing Arts

Portland's performing arts include music, dance and theater, often combined in unexpected ways.

Portland Theater

Portland has a well-established network of venues and theater companies and an increasingly dynamic and diverse small theater scene.

Dance in Portland

Portland dance has an inventive spirit that welcomes collaborations and often spills beyond the generally accepted boundaries of “dance.”

Children’s Theater

Portland's children's theater companies introduce kids to live theater and teaches them people in costumes are fun, not scary.

Literary Portland

This book-friendly city is home to an annual book festival and the world's largest independent bookstore.

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Theater Companies

Kick off your exploration of Portland's theater scene with these stellar local companies.

  • Portland Center Stage at The Armory

    The city's largest theater company, Portland Center Stage puts on full musicals and productions on its main stage, along with stripped-down, avant-garde plays in its intimate basement studio — both inside The Armory, a historic building.

  • Imago Theatre

    Founded in 1979, Imago Theatre features original productions that have toured internationally for decades. Imago’s productions (from classics to excursions into vaudevillian existentialism) have won acclaim around the world and at home in Portland.

  • Artists Repertory Theatre

    Founded in 1982, Artists Repertory Theatre is the longest-running professional theater company in Portland. Artists Rep’s mission is to engage diverse audiences in fresh, thought-provoking and intimate theater.

  • Third Rail Repertory Theatre

    Third Rail Repertory Theatre, a permanent ensemble of highly skilled theatre artists, is dedicated to pushing our audiences and ourselves to the edge of the comfort zone, the zone of the tickle, the chuckle, the gasp, and the ache.

  • CoHo Theatre

    After 21 seasons, this theater boasts over 90 co-productions, including more than 20 world premieres. CoHo’s seasons have represented master playwrights, while also providing a forum for local Portland playwrights.

Local Music Scene

Discover Portland through our talented musical artists in a variety of genres.

The Portland Hip-Hop Scene

Take a deep dive into the past, present and future of Portland's hip-hop scene with our expert guide to the best performers, showcases, stores and more.

Classical Music in Portland

Portland's opera, symphony and other companies offer an ongoing lineup of inspiring performances, from timeless works to modern interpretations.

Portland Jazz

In Portland, it's pretty easy to find small venues hosting intimate combos of world-class talent, or bigger, more boffo live shows.