Diverse dining options, gorgeous gardens and unexpected attractions make Portland one of a kind.

Weird Culture in Portland

For a peek into the city's weirdness, start at these eccentric events and attractions.

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Only-in-Portland Places

These unique attractions offer a look into Portland's unusual (in a good way!) spirit.

  • Freakybuttrue Peculiarium

    An offbeat emporium that houses displays of Bigfoot and other paranormal denizens of the Northwest and beyond. Nearly everything is for sale, from the sculptures and artwork to scoops of ice cream in the snack shop.

  • Stark’s Vacuum Museum

    Taking up a small wing of a vacuum store, this collection of 300 antique machines shows the progression of the vacuum cleaner over the years, from durable wooden devices of the 1800s to chic, space-age cleaners of the 1960s.

  • Mill Ends Park (The World’s Smallest Park)

    At 24 inches (61 centimeters) in diameter, this is the world's smallest dedicated park. Over the years, events have been held at the park and contributions have been made to the park, such as the small swimming pool and diving board for butterflies.

  • Paxton Gate

    This eclectic shop on North Mississippi Avenue deals in exotic plants, taxidermy, animal skulls, curios and mounted insects — basically, everything you need to outfit your home like a Victorian naturalist.

  • The Hat Museum

    The largest hat museum in the U.S. is housed in an unusual Portland home with an even more unusual history, including a 100-year hat legacy. Proprietor Alyce conducts each tour with enthusiasm she shares the history of hats and Ladd's Addition.

Many of the characters in “The Simpsons” are named after streets and locations in Portland, Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening’s hometown. (When you’re here, look for Lovejoy, Quimby and Flanders streets.)

Weird Events

Become part of the city's weird culture at one of these strange celebrations.

Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride

Every June, thousands of cyclists cruise commando through Portland streets as part of the World Naked Bike Ride.

Portland Adult Soapbox Derby

The PDX Adult Soapbox Derby at Mt. Tabor Park pits grown-up kids against each other every August in pursuit of speed and laughs.

UFO Festival in McMinnville

Every May, thousands of visitors flock to the city’s famous UFO Festival, featuring four days of parades, costume contests, expert speakers