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With its natural beauty, easygoing vibes and sweet-spot size (not too big, not too small), Portland is an ideal destination for tours of all types. From providing expert recommendations to reaching out to suppliers and providers on your behalf, Travel Portland’s tourism team can help you make the most of your time in the City of Roses — read on to find step-on guides, group dining options, transportation resources, visitor guides, itineraries and more.

Assistance With Lodging

Contact us via to save time and money. We ask specific questions about your program and send out those specifications as a lead. Suppliers respond directly to you via email. Our service eliminates the need for you to take precious time to reach out to numerous vendors. Additionally, receiving competing bids can save you money.

Step-On Guides

The following providers offer step-on guide services — hire a local expert to join you aboard your motorcoach, bus or van and give an insider’s tour of the City of Roses:

  • Adventure Day Touring

    Plan your next Northwest adventure with Adventure Day Touring — their experienced team organizes and leads fully customized tours to top-ten and less-visited destinations in Oregon and around the Northwest.

  • Columbia Crossroads

    Columbia Crossroads is a full-service inbound receptive tour operator and destination management company that is dedicated to providing clients with authentic experiences in the Pacific Northwest.

  • First Nature

    First Nature provides professional guide services for private tours of the Pacific Northwest, plus destination management services.

  • Oregon Tour Experts

    This company provides professional tour guides with extensive local knowledge — services on offer include customized events, activities, tours, itineraries, program logistics, transportation and more.

  • Terran Travels

    Explore northwest Oregon and southwest Washington with a tour from Terran Travels — they offer full-day, half-day, multi-day and custom tours, any time of year.

You can also contact us via for assistance with step-on guides — once we’re familiar with the specifics regarding your upcoming tour, we can either provide a referral list with contacts or send out a request for proposal (RFP) to providers on your behalf.

people seated at picnic tables talk and eat with food carts in the background
Hawthorne Asylum is a Southeast Portland food cart pod offering numerous cuisines, extensive covered seating and funky Portland style.

Credit: Travel Portland

Group Dining Suggestions

Looking for somewhere to take a group of 10 to 56 out to eat? These sizable eateries can accommodate large parties and are usually able to accept group reservations, often without a minimum spend:

Food Cart Pods and Food Halls

Find an array of affordable dining options in one location (an especially good option for student groups).

  • BG Food Cartel

    This large Beaverton food cart pod offers a wide variety of food carts, extensive seating, a bar and more.

  • CORE – Collective Oregon Eateries

    Collective Oregon Eateries (or CORE) houses chefs making everything from seafood boils to Hainanese chicken. This food hall brings together some of Portland’s best-known food carts along with new and upcoming local chefs.

  • Hawthorne Asylum

    Hawthorne Asylum, surrounded by brick walls and a wrought iron gate, is perfect for street food enthusiasts — choose from over 20 different carts offering cuisine from all corners of the globe.

  • Pine Street Market

    This chef-driven food hall brings diverse dining options to Portland’s historic Old Town, including a tap room with a curated selection of beers on tap and cocktails.

  • Prost Marketplace

    This long-standing food cart pod is adjacent to Prost! and beloved by everyone from locals to Condé Nast writers.

If you’re interested in booking private dining, our Venue Finder tool can help you identify an ideal venue for your group. Simply choose “I’m Looking For Offsite Spaces,” select “Do you need private dining?” and fine-tune the options based on your needs. You’re sure to find somewhere with the ideal size and vibe.

Motorcoach Parking

Our guide to parking, loading and unloading passengers in downtown Portland and outlying areas provides full details on motorcoach parking, including information on how to attain and find lots. Additional information on parking and transportation is available from the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).

Full Details on Motorcoach Parking

From on-street parking areas to permits to loading zones, our motorcoach parking guide covers the information you’ll need to park a motorcoach in Portland.

State-Wide Transportation Resources

Oregon Department of Transportation

Additional resources from the state of Oregon

Washington State Department of Transportation

Learn about transportation in the state of Washington

Familiarization and Research Tours

Travel Portland does not offer regularly scheduled tours for travel trade professionals. However, we would like to assist you with your specific needs for your groups. Please contact us via

Travel Portland Asset Library

Find rights-free images of Portland for your brochures and marketing materials.

Downloadable Maps & Guides

Explore our downloadable guides below. Feel free to use the copy in your marketing materials.

Portland Map & Guide (English)

A two-page, concise, downloadable PDF produced by Travel Portland.

Portland Plan et Guide (French)

Our two-page map and guide in PDF format, translated into the French language.

Portland Karte und Reiseführer (German)

Our two-page map and guide in PDF format, translated into the German language.

ポートランド マッ プ&ガイド (Japanese)

Our two-page map and guide in PDF format, translated into the Japanese language.

Portland Mini Guide (Japanese)

A mini, downloadable guide (PDF) to the city in Japanese. Produced by Travel Portland in collaboration with True Portland.

지도및가이드 (Korean)

Our two-page map and guide in PDF format, translated into the Korean language.

Portland Mapa y Guía (Spanish)

Our two-page map and guide in PDF format, translated into the Spanish language.

Foreign-Language Websites

Travel Portland and our partners at Brand USA provide information in the following languages:

Japanese Website

A version of geared toward the Japanese audience.

Korean Website

A version of geared toward the Korean audience.

Brand USA, Chinese (Simplified)

Brand USA’s guide to the Portland region, translated for Chinese visitors.

Brand USA, Chinese (Traditional)

Brand USA’s guide to the Portland region, translated for Taiwanese visitors.

Travel Oregon, French

Travel Oregon’s guide to the Portland region, translated into the French language.

Travel Oregon, German

Travel Oregon’s guide to the Portland region, translated into the German language.

Travel Oregon, Spanish

Travel Oregon’s guide to the Portland region, translated into the Spanish language.

Travel Oregon Guides

Download state-wide international visitor guides, available in four language options.

English International Guide

The 2023 international guide (English) produced by Travel Oregon.

French International Guide

The 2023 international guide (French language version) produced by Travel Oregon.

German International Guide

The 2023 international guide (German language version) produced by Travel Oregon.

Korean International Guide

The 2023 international guide (Korean language version) produced by Travel Oregon.

Resources for International Visitors

Visiting Portland from another country? Check out these links and resources to help with your trip.


Let us help you by discussing inventive ideas or the nuts-and-bolts specifics. We can produce itineraries for FIT packages, incentive travel, special interest tours, group programs or technical tours. Plus, we’ll take it one step further and provide routing, timing and contact names along those routes.

Sample Itineraries

Portland is the perfect destination for travelers wanting to experience the best the Northwest has to offer — explore itineraries that offer a variety of ideas for things to do in the City of Roses.

For additional itinerary ideas, visit Travel Oregon.

Additional Resources

Find maps, event information, itineraries and other resources.

Portland Events

From beer festivals to artistic performances, there’s always something to do in Portland.

Portland Maps

Use these Portland maps to plan and create your own city experience. This guide provides everything from Portland city and region maps to guided tours, neighborhood information and more.

Tours & Itineraries

Let local experts — and our targeted itineraries — offer inspiration for your visitors’ time in and around Portland.

Information for Local Businesses and Partners

I work for a hotel — how can I ensure that we have the tourism contact indicated in the partner portal (extranet) to receive any potential international or domestic group leads?

Log into the partner portal. From the home page, click on the “profile” button, then click on “contacts.” Find the contact who should receive any potential tourism leads. Select the contact and then click on “edit.” At the top of the page, select from the drop-down box titled “contact preferences,” then select “tourism distribution” and any other preferences that apply.

I’m a step-on-guide — how can I get added to the list of referred step-on-guide providers?

Travel Portland partners that offer step-on-guide services in the Portland region will be vetted by the international tourism team. Please email the following information to your business name, contact email address and phone number, and a brief description of your step-on-guide services. This description may be visible to clients when referrals are sent by Travel Portland staff. Keep this brief (100 words or less), yet provide information about what sets your business apart.

If you are not currently a Travel Portland partner and are interested in becoming one, please visit this website to learn more about partnership opportunities and to submit an application. Unsure if you’re a partner? Email to check on your partner status.

Can my restaurant be added to the “Group Dining Suggestions” section?

Travel Portland is always looking to grow the number of motorcoach-group-friendly dining options. Restaurants eligible for this list can accommodate groups from 10 to 56 in size, allow groups to dine in the main dining room or in a private dining space without charging a room fee, and will often waive food and beverage minimums. If you feel that you meet these requirements, please email the tourism team at Include your restaurant name, contact email address and phone number (specifically for group reservations), and the group size you can accommodate. Also indicate if your restaurant offers motorcoach parking or a motorcoach drop-off area for the passengers.