You haven’t truly been to Portland until you’ve connected with our diverse communities.

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The Six Quadrants

In our classic quirky fashion, Portland’s six main geographical sections (North, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast and Southwest) are referred to by residents as the city’s “quadrants.” The city is divided into north and south by Burnside Street and into east and west by the Willamette River.

Portland actually has more than 90 formally recognized neighborhoods with distinct boundaries. Our highlighted neighborhood and street guides focus on broader neighborhood and street boundaries. They also include good places to explore as a visitor to the city, where many restaurants and retail are consolidated.

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Find sophisticated shopping, dining, an urban forest and breathtaking views of the city.

Northwest / Nob Hill

Old Portland charm lives through the repurposed Victorian homes, now boutiques and restaurants which line the streets of Portland's Northwest district with sophisticated shopping, dining, an urban forest and breathtaking views of the city.

Pearl District

The chic Pearl District features galleries and cultural institutions, as well as stylish shops and acclaimed eateries on loading docks with cobblestone streets, which hint at this former warehouse district’s past.

Old Town Chinatown

Today, Portland’s original downtown is a bustling entertainment district, home to Portland's famous Saturday Market, Chinatown Museum and Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Southwest Portland Neighborhoods

This quadrant boasts everything from a walkable downtown to a village with small-town charm.


Portland’s compact, walkable downtown offers easy access to great food, green spaces, cultural offerings and tax-free shopping. Browse the city’s most diverse mix of retail brands, see a show and grab a bite at a food cart or fine restaurant.

Goose Hollow

With great eateries, Portland-style shopping and an abundance of things to do in Goose Hollow, sports fans, theater lovers and vegan foodies flock to this Southwest Portland district.

Multnomah Village

Known as “the village in the heart of Portland,” historic Multnomah Village delivers small town charm mere minutes from the city center.

Southwest Portland Attractions

Explore parks, gardens and the zoo, oh my!

South Portland

South Portland is a slim strip of land on the west side of the Willamette River. This laidback river community is a perfect 10 if water recreation, low-key urban green spaces and hubs to grub and shop are your things.

Southeast Portland

Explore this quadrant's most popular neighborhoods.


Southeast Portland’s laidback, bohemian district is filled with local artisans and flare. Hawthorne Boulevard is a walkable street with block after block of vintage shops, boutiques, cafes, and historic venues.


Division is now one of Portland’s most dynamic and stylish neighborhoods. Spend a day wandering its many blocks, stopping along the way to snack, sip and shop at its many must see— and must-eat — destinations.


Located a few blocks from Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, Belmont, a once sleepy residential street boasts its own mix of vintage and indie shops, coffee houses, bars and food carts.


This bike- and pedestrian-friendly Southeast Portland neighborhood (affectionately known as "FoPo") has a character all its own. FoPo is home to unique experiences you can’t find anywhere else in the city.


Follow our guide to eat and explore the best that Montavilla has to offer, only an easy 6-mile journey from downtown Portland.


History — from a vintage amusement park to antique goods — and stunning views of the city along the river dominates this Southeast Portland area.

Jade District

This Southeast Portland neighborhood is a bustling cultural hub, home to a population largely composed of immigrants and people of color. Eat and explore in one of the city's most diverse communities.

Central Eastside

Criss-crossed with train tracks and lined with old industrial factories, some of Portland's favorite restaurants, microbreweries, boutiques and events call the Central Eastside home.

Northeast Portland

Around the Eastside

Explore more of Portland's bustling east side in these Northeast Portland neighborhoods.


Just across the river from downtown, this area caters to convention attendees, sports fans and shoppers.

North Portland

Explore more of North Portland's most popular neighborhoods.


Enjoy live music, local shops, an LGBTQ+ center and popular restaurants and bar on this historic North Portland street.

St. Johns

Discover a lesser-known side of Portland in St. Johns, home to one of Bridgetown’s most gorgeous spans and most beloved parks.


Steps away from bustling Mississippi Avenue, this vibrant North Portland street offers stellar shopping, dining and activities.

Cultural Communities

No matter which neighborhood you're visiting, people in the LGBTQ+ community and of every ethnicity and culture can find themselves in the independent and welcoming Rose City.