Hispanic & Latinx Community

Oregon’s growing Hispanic and Latinx population is concentrated in the Portland region and offers rich resources for visitors.

Know Before You Go

As of June 30, 2021, COVID restrictions have been lifted in Portland and the state of Oregon. While events are now allowed, some events may still be canceled, postponed or held virtually. Please check the event website for the most up-to-date information.

Hispanic and Latinx Community

Learn more about this community's annual events and traditions.

Hispanic & Latinx Culture

Visit a Catholic monument, Latinx eateries and arts groups and institutions to connect with the local Hispanic and Latinx community.

Hispanic & Latinx History

The Hispanic American population in Oregon has strong roots and a storied past. Learn more about Latinx culture, community and important historical events.

Hispanic & Latinx Events

Enjoy Portland's Hispanic and Latinx culture year-round.

Tango in Portland

The City of Roses boasts one of the best tango communities outside of Buenos Aires, with dances and lessons available almost every night.

Delicious Eats

These local eateries serve up some of the city's tastiest cuisine.

Portland Mercado

With a neighborhood grocery, meat market, coffee shop, food cart pod and more, the Mercado is one of the city’s most delicious destinations.

7 Great Latinx-Owned Eateries in Portland

Portland is home to plenty of authentic eateries from every corner of Latin America. Read on for some of the best Latinx-owned restaurants and food carts in Portland.

Portland’s Top Taquerias

Local diners can order up a wealth of delicious taco variations, from meaty morsels to vegetarian creations made with mushrooms, cactus and scrambled egg.

Portland’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Shop for handmade crafts, snack on traditional recipes and enjoy entertainment straight from Guadalajara at this popular Cinco de Mayo festival.

Meet a Local

These Portlanders are innovating the city's food, music and maker scenes.

Portland’s Revolución Coffee House Serves Atole with a Side of Activism

Revolución Coffee House owner and community activist Maria Garcia pairs traditional Mexican recipes with social justice in downtown Portland.

The Venderia: Portland’s Wacky, Whimsical Vending Machines

Tarot decks, coloring books and VHS tapes of classic ‘80s films? Buy them all from a “Venderia,” a quirky vending machine created by Portlander Taylor Valdes.

Meet the Woman Behind Portland’s She Shreds Magazine

Fabi Reyna's She Shreds is shaking up the music industry as the world’s only magazine dedicated to women guitarists and bassists.

Portland’s Best Tequila Spots

Gear up for warm weather with Portland’s top tequila offerings.