Learn all about legal cannabis in Portland: where you can and can't smoke weed, cannabis tours and more.

Recreational cannabis use and possession by people 21 and older was legalized in the state of Oregon in July 2015. However, while Measure 91 made having and consuming cannabis legal in Oregon, the growth, sales and consumption of the product remain federal offenses. Read on for our guide to cannabis in Portland, then check out our events calendar for upcoming cannabis-centric events.

Know Before You Go

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Oregon’s governor has limited large events based on the current risk level.

Some events may be cancelled, postponed or held virtually. Please check the event website for the most up-to-date information.

Weed in Portland: What Visitors Should Know

Here’s an overview of the current visitor dos and don’ts related to cannabis in Oregon.

Visitors Cannot:

  • Smoke cannabis or consume cannabis edibles in a public place or in public view. (This includes the Oregon Convention Center, restaurants, bars, parks, sidewalks, etc.). Use in public is a class B felony and can result in a fine of up to $1,000.
  • Smoke cannabis in most hotel rooms. (Check with individual hotels for their policies.)
  • Drive or bike under the influence of cannabis.
  • Transport cannabis across state lines or on waterways.
  • Possess, own or smoke cannabis — nor own or operate a cannabis business — in select cities and counties in Oregon. Please refer to the local city or county for the local ordinances.

Visitors Can:

  • Buy cannabis. Limited amounts of recreational cannabis are available for purchase at state-licensed recreational marijuana retailers.
  • Consume cannabis on private property and away from public view.
  • Possess up to an ounce of cannabis on their person.
  • Share, give away and receive cannabis (as long as all parties are over 21) within the state of Oregon.

Green Hop: The World’s First Historical Hip-Hop Dispensary

Northeast Portland dispensary Green Muse pairs recreational cannabis with local music and community-building.

Latest Updates

Check these links for the most current and complete information about cannabis laws in the city of Portland and the state of Oregon:

Cannabis Tours

The Potlandia Experience is a cannabis-focused tour of Portland in a tricked-out, consumption-friendly bus. Stops include dispensaries, food carts and some of the city’s top attractions.

Tours run Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the price is $75 per person. You can also book a private rental for $150 per hour (4-hour minimum, includes driver).

Portland-Made CBD Products and Edibles

Where to find and enjoy locally-made cannabis and CBD products.

Where to Find CBD in Portland

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the high, you might want to try CBD. Here's where to find CBD in Portland.

Five Women-Made Cannabis Edibles to Try in Portland

From cheese crisps to cold brew, these Portland women take cannabis edibles to the next level.

Safe Spaces for Cannabis Consumption in Portland

Recreational cannabis use is legal in Oregon, but public consumption isn't. That's where these workshops, pop-up dinners and networking events come in.

Upcoming Cannabis Events

Explore Portland's cannabis scene at these upcoming events.

Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic & Comedy Show

Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic & Comedy Show

Smokus Pocus Showroom $20

This THC-induced extravaganza is packed with jokes that will have you laughing like you’re on edibles and tricks so trippy that you’ll be asking “what the f—?!” Caricatures will come to life, phones will vanish and reappear in impossible places, minds will be read, and both the stoned and sober will love the high that…

Performing Arts
Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic Show
June 26–Aug. 14, 2021

Smokus Pocus: A 420 Magic Show

Smokus Pocus Showroom $20

The Dopest Show on the West Coast! After a year of quarantine, it’s time to get off the couch. This THC-induced magical extravaganza is packed with tricks so trippy that you’ll be asking, “what the f—?!” Caricatures will come to life, phones will vanish and reappear in impossible places, minds will be read, and both…

Performing Arts

Tiara Darnell is Shaking up Portland’s Cannabis Industry

The national cannabis scene is predominantly white and male; Portland’s Tiara Darnell, named Oregon’s best budtender for 2017, is working to change that.