Portlanders: A Community-Based Video Series

Meet some of the people who make the city what it is.

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Portlanders is a micro-video series showcasing the real people who make this city’s heart beat. Our creativity and uniqueness make Portland an amazing place to visit because of the connections found and made here. Each of these Portlanders has found meaning here and cultivated ways of creative expression with and for the city. Get to know them and then plan your next trip to visit their Portland.

Portland musician Jonny Cool created the Portlanders theme song — listen now!

Portlanders: Residents of Portland, Oregon, who embody the spirit of the city and the heart of their community.

Chef Arthur Dulin

Chef Arthur Dulin has cooked at several of Portland’s acclaimed international restaurants and believes that food is the best way to connect with other cultures. Find out where he loves to eat in Portland and how his culinary experiences here led him to victory on “Chopped.”

Aaron Robinson

Portlander Aaron Robinson is a meditation coach and podcaster who finds connection and self-discovery in the city’s restaurants, outdoors and community. His podcast, Opening Presence, creates space for artists and creators in Portland to gain exposure and be their most authentic selves.

Finding Wellness and Connection in Portland

Meet Portlander Aaron Robinson, a meditation coach and podcaster helping forge connections across the city.

Karina Rivas

Thanks to folks like Karina Rivas, the running culture is thriving in Portland. Whether trail running in Forest Park, organizing runs with Foot Traffic, or participating in one of Portland’s many marathons, Karina shares great insights along with some of her favorite stops along the way.

Sarah Sabino

Sarah Sabino’s art in the AUX/MUTE gallery at Portland Art Museum showcased those whose stories have been muted throughout history. Through a multicultural lens, Sarah, who works as a sneaker designer by day, tells the stories of her life, work and identity with a visual medium and makes her worlds come alive.

Loves: Waterfalls, basketball, shopping

DJ Ambush

The first series turns the lens on DJ Ambush, founder and executive director of Portland’s first and only Black-led radio station, The Numberz FM. A musical leader and media pioneer, DJ Ambush and The Numberz have collaborated and spotlighted many local artists and creatives that add to Portland’s community and Pacific Northwest influence. With soundwaves coming from the fourth floor of the Portland Art Museum, DJ Ambush continues to draw inspiration from Portland’s rich arts community and share Black experiences, with sounds from all over the city.

Loves: Comics, vinyl, phở

Boosting the Signal of Black Portland

DJ Ambush created Portland’s only Black-led radio station. Now housed in the Portland Art Museum, The Numberz FM provides artistic space and creates media for Portland’s Black communities.

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