Location -
1963 N.W. Kearney St., Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood - NW Portland

Categories - Comedy Clubs, Family Fun

Features - Family Friendly

ComedySportz is fast-paced, family-friendly improvisational comedy, played as a sport. Two teams take turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs – and the audience votes on which team they like the best. It’s all presided over by a referee, who keeps things moving, calls the ComedySportz fouls and takes suggestions shouted out by the audience before each game.

From grandparents to kids, ComedySportz entertains everyone and offends no one. The audience gets to be involved — shouting out suggestions and voting for favorites — at weekly shows at the ComedySportz Arena as well as ComedySportz 4 Kids shows on selected Sunday afternoons. ComedySportz Touring Company also plays “road shows” and is available for your special event.