Carioca Bowls

Location -
827 N.E. Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211
Neighborhood - Alberta Arts District

Categories - South American, Vegetarian

Carioca Bowls is Portland’s first authentic açaí café, sharing the spirit of the Cariocas—the açaí-loving natives of Rio de Janeiro that embody health, wellness, and vitality. Carioca Bowls strives to make the best organic açaí bowls blending açaí with other organic fruits, then topped with incredibly photogenic local and organic superfoods. We also offer warm savory Indian kitchari bowls with soulful ingredients, plus a full drink menu including Stumptown coffee, craft-blended chai, rotating kombucha varieties, and Guayaki yerba mate. Side-by-side with our donation-based classical yoga and meditation studio, Full Lotus PDX, we are truly Portland’s one-stop hub for happiness.