Portland Weather

Five-day forecast
SatMostly cloudy throughout the day.7458
SunLight rain until evening.6853
MonMostly cloudy throughout the day.7154
TueMostly cloudy throughout the day.7350
WedMostly cloudy throughout the day.7449

Overcast throughout the day. There is a 26% chance of precipitation.

Overcast throughout the day.

Portland Weather Infographic

sunny days


days with over 0.1" of rain


partly cloudy days

Average temperatures & rainfall

Portland Weather Glossary

  • mist – very fine rain, usually occurring overnight and in early morning

    “It’s just a little mist; I didn’t even need to put up the hood on my jacket.”


  • drizzle – misty rain, usually occurring intermittently throughout the day

    “Is it raining out?”

    “No, just drizzling off and on.”


  • shower – medium-intensity storm lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours

    “This rain shower gives me the perfect excuse to order another pint.”


  • rain – persistent precipitation that lasts a period of hours

    “It looks like rain.”

    “Good. I’ve been wanting to check out that great exhibit at the art museum.”