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  • Three women to watch in Portland’s Southern food scene
    Chefs to watch Satisfy your comfort food cravings at these three women-led Southern food eateries. Take a bite »
  • Chef Salimatu Amabebe showcases Nigerian recipes and Black artists
    Chef Salimatu Amabebe This local chef hosts scrumptious pop-up dinners, brunches and Black Feast events. Meet Salimatu »
  • Indigenous foods resurface in Portland
    Indigenous foods These Portland-area parks have become places to explore and celebrate first foods. Check them out »
  • Tender Table: A Portland pop-up series shares stories about family and food
    Tender Table This event series features performances and snacks by women and gender-nonbinary people of color. Settle in »

You Can, in Portland

No matter what it is you’d like to be, do, eat or drink — even if you’ve never tried it before — You Can, in Portland.

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America's best food city (per the Washington Post) offers farm-to-table dining, innovative food carts, acclaimed craft beer, stellar coffee and more.

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  • Nong Poonsukwattana, owner of Nong's Khao Man Gai, at cart service window.

    Food carts

    Portland’s selection of 600+ food carts has drawn global acclaim. Most carts are grouped in “pods” all around town, making it easy to sample several at a time.

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  • Portland pizza guide

    If you're such a pizza aficionado that you've dreamed of a custom-illustrated, by-the-slice pocket guide, this zine is for you. Discover some of Portland's hidden pizza gems and read about what makes each pizzeria unique.

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  • Farm-to-table dining

    Local chefs make the most of the fertile farmland that surrounds Portland, often letting the week's farmers' market hauls dictate their menus.

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  • Diners enjoying breakfast at the wood themed Woodsman Tavern.

    Restaurant round-ups

    These round-ups will help you find a brunch spot, a table with a view of an acclaimed chef at work, a source for kid-pleasing vittles and more.

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  • Portland Dining Month

    Portland Dining Month

    Every March, more than 100 Portland restaurants serve up three courses for just $33 nightly. There's no better time to visit this top culinary destination.

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  • Chocolate & sweets

    Beer lovers, look no further — in Portland, you’ll find nearly 60 breweries, scads of beer fests, brew ‘n’ view movie theaters, beer pairings and tap lists galore.

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  • Food & drink events

    With lush farms and waters nearby, and with masterful chefs and artisan producers in town, Portland's abundance of culinary events makes perfect sense.

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  • A group enjoying samples of beer at The Commons brewery.

    Craft beer in Portland

    Craft beer lovers, look no further — in Portland, you’ll find over 75 breweries, scads of beer fests, brew ‘n’ view movie theaters and tap lists galore.

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  • Oregon wine

    Portland and the nearby Willamette Valley feature ideal grape-growing conditions, innovative wineries and knowledgeable wine bars.

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  • Couple sampling spirits at the New Deal Distillery as the bartender waits to serve the next taste.

    Cocktails & craft spirits

    Inspired by their forerunners in the beer and wine scenes, industrious distillers are making the city the center of a new artisan distillery movement.

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  • Coffee & tea

    Blame it on the rain, but Portlanders love their coffee and tea and have a long-standing dedication to brewing great cups of both.

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