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  • Book a tour You can now book your Portland tours directly through our partnership with OnceThere. Find dates & times »
  • Portland city tours
    City tours Great for first-time visitors, these tours highlight the best that Portland has to offer. See the city »
  • Portland beer tours
    Beer tours Organized tours help you see the sights and sip the suds of the city dubbed “Beervana.” Sip & sample »
  • Columbia River Gorge tours
    Gorge tours See the popular Columbia River Gorge National Scenic area without the hassle of driving or parking. Go gorge »
  • Mount Hood tours from Portland
    Mt. Hood tours Explore Oregon’s highest peak, 90 minutes from Portland, with these tour operators. Aim high »

Let local experts, and our targeted itineraries, offer inspiration for your time in — and around — Portland.

  • A group of revelers pedal a 15-seat craft to beloved local beer havens with a BrewCycle tour.

    Portland’s greatest guided tours

    Whether you’re looking to sightsee by bike, bus, boat or your own two feet, there’s likely a guided tour option for you.

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  • The Portland Spirit cruises up the Willamette River as evening settles in. Its party lights sparkle matching the city’s evening lights in the background.

    Portland tours

    Whether it's by land, sea, air or bike saddle, you can experience more of Portland — faster — with guided tours.

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  • Walking on the red bricks of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

    Walking tours

    Portlanders love to see — and show off — their city on foot. The following tours, led by knowledgeable locals, combine entertainment, education and exercise.

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  • Five cyclists enjoying a bike tour in downtown Portland.

    Bike tours & rentals

    Portland has more than 300 miles (483 km) of bike lanes, paths and low-traffic streets designated as "bike boulevards," making cycling one of the best ways to see the city.

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  • Wine tours near Portland

    Guided wine tours let you explore Willamette Valley vineyards and wineries, tasting to your heart’s content without worrying about driving.

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  • A young girl stands on a tree stump step to reach the food cart window for her lunch.

    Food cart tours

    If you're thinking you'll need a guide to explore Portland's head-spinning collection of food cart options, you're in luck.

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  • A group of young women touring and tasting at Burnside Brewing.

    Portland beer tours

    A bounty of organized Portland beer tours will help you see the sights and sip the suds of the city dubbed "Beervana."

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  • Book a Tour

    Browse the full list of tours that are bookable from our website.

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