Ten refreshing summer snacks in Portland

Stay energized and hydrated with tropical acai bowls, octopus ceviche and organic frozen yogurt.

teote-3Relax with plantains and arepas on Teote's shaded patio.
Molly Woodstock

Looking for the perfect meal to beat the heat? Pair a uniquely Portland summer drink with one of these unbeatable summertime snacks.

Bionico at Fruitbox

Tucked inside the Portland Mercado, family-owned eatery Fruitbox specializes in traditional Mexican street snacks. Their most popular dish is the sweet bionico, a bowl of mixed tropical fruits mixed with fresh cream and granola and topped with dried coconut. One bite, and you’ll swear you’re in Michoacán. 

Leblon bowl at Carioca Bowls

Named after the famous Rio beach, the Leblon at Carioca Bowls is essentially a tropical vacation in a bowl. Acai berries are blended with dark cherries, peaches and apples to create an antioxidant-rich base, which is then piled with your choice of fruits, nuts and other treats and topped with a drizzle of rich chocolate sauce. Add local Honey Mama raw fudge and Jem Superberry Maqui Camu nut butter for ultimate decadence.

Spicy cucumbers with guacamole at Por Que No

Our favorite summer appetizer becomes even more refreshing with one simple, creative substitution at Mexican-inspired mainstay Por Que No. Next time you order guacamole for the table, swap housemade chips for sliced cucumbers topped with fresh lime juice and chili salt. Delicious and hydrating!

Strawberry Fields Forever at Harlow

Start your morning with a breakfast rich in fiber, vitamins, Omega-3s and fruity flavor. Chic brunch spot Harlow mixes strawberries, chia seeds and hazelnut milk into a gelatinous pudding before topping the bowl with a sweet superfood medley of golden raisins, coconut, goji berries, bananas and almonds.

Pulpo tacos at Uno Mas

Widely considered one of the city’s top taquerias, Uno Mas boasts dozens of imaginative fillings from crispy pigskin to cactus. Order up a platter of fresh pulpo (octopus) tacos made with red chili powder and lime epazote garlic for an authentic taste of the ocean.

Create-your-own salad at Garden Bar

This sophisticated salad bar has plenty of great gourmet options on the menu, but why settle for someone else’s dream salad when you can create your own? Select from eight types of greens, 18 dressings and dozens of fresh ingredients — think artichoke, hazelnuts, dried cherries and roasted steak — to build your own perfect lunch at Garden Bar.

Utopian Dream Pasta at Prasad

You won’t find any rice noodles in this raw, veggie-centric version of classic Pad Thai. Instead, the Prasad kitchen shreds carrots, collard greens and green papaya into noodle-like ribbons, tossing them with almond butter sauce and fresh herbs for the perfect light lunch.

Teote plate at Teote

Summer afternoons are best spent sipping mezcal margaritas on the sprawling back patio at Latin American-inspired Teote. Enjoy a mini Venezuelan vacation by ordering the eatery’s signature Teote plate, piled high with fried plantains, black beans, rice, salad, verde sauce, queso fresco, plantain sauce, a buttered arepa (corn biscuit) and your choice of meat.

Frozen yogurt from Eb & Bean

Cool off with an organic, probiotic-rich treat at dessert destination Eb & Bean. The artisanal fro-yo shop offers classic tart, chocolate and vanilla as well as five rotating flavors made from coconut, almond, cashew and cow milks. An incredible array of locally made toppings, like salted vanilla caramel corn and cold brew bourbon sauce, makes your excursion even sweeter.

But wait, there’s more! Looking for a liquid meal? Check out our list of Portland’s finest juice bars and smoothie spots.

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