Portland with kids

Kid-friendly attractions run the gamut from trains to elephants, fountains to rides.

  • Oregon Zoo
    Oregon Zoo Visit more than 2,200 animals at the West's oldest zoo, located just above downtown. Say hello »
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
    OMSI The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the coolest museum in town. Explore more »
  • Kid-friendly dining
    Kid-friendly dining Gather 'round the table at these kid-approved eateries. Dig in »
  • Portland toy stores
    Toy stores Kids and adults alike will have a blast at these fun-filled Portland toy stores. It's play time »
  • Kid-friendly hikes
    Kid-friendly hikes The whole family can enjoy Portland's greenery on these trails. Head out »

Families will find lots to enjoy in Portland, from hands-on science at OMSI to baby elephants at the zoo, with plenty of parks and free attractions, too.

Kid-friendly attractions

Dining with kids

  • A young girl adding chocolate chips and blueberries to the pancake she is making at Slappy Cakes.

    Kid-friendly dining

    These family-friendly Portland standouts combine healthy children’s menus, play areas and fun in creative ways.

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  • Families around a picnic table where children are coloring while the parents enjoy a beer sampler at one of the many family-friendly breweries in Portland.

    Kid-friendly breweries in Portland

    In a city with more breweries than anywhere else in the word, plenty of pubs don’t just tolerate youngsters, they welcome them with open arms.

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  • Portland pizza guide

    Discover some of Portland's hidden pizza gems and read about what makes each pizzeria unique in this by-the-slice pocket guide.

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  • Portland Mercado

    With a neighborhood grocery, meat market, coffee shop, food cart pod and more, the Mercado is one of the city’s most delicious destinations.

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  • Portland’s foodie chains

    Portland infuses independent spirit into everything, even its restaurant chains, offering locally grown counterparts to many favorite national brands.

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  • Food cart pods

    Portland’s selection of more than 600 food carts, most grouped in “pods,” has drawn raves from the likes of Bon Appétit and CNN.

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  • Portland’s best bakeries

    Nibble a Danish or slice of rustic bread with our expert guide to Portland’s best bakeries, including allergy-friendly options and award-winners galore.

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  • Chocolate & sweets

    Portland's fondness for sweet stuff goes way beyond Voodoo Doughnut to include artisan chocolates, inventive ice cream and more.

    Read More »

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