Portland is the perfect launchpad for outdoor activities and adventure.

Forest Park joggersPortland's Forest Park has 70 miles of trails.

You don’t have to venture far from town to find yourself paddling on a secluded bay, hiking a forested trail or observing native wildlife.

Parks & Gardens


Seasonal activities


  • Camping near Portland

    To truly appreciate the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, spend a memorable night under the stars at these scenic campsites located within an easy drive from the city.

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  • Yurt camping near Portland

    Midway between primitive camping and “glamping” stands the modern-day yurt, a circular tent with electricity, heating, skylights, windows and wooden floors.

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  • RV parks in and near Portland

    Whether you’re craving a woodland adventure, an urban exploration or just a great roadside view as you travel cross-country in your RV, Portland has it all - along with comfortable and convenient locations to park or set up camp.

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Outdoors zines

  • Urban Explores

    Portland is the ultimate enchanted forest loosely disguised as a city. This zine highlights just a handful of the wild areas you can find right in the city, plus some nearby local attractions.

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  • Riding in the Rain

    There's a lot of rain happening in Portland from November to March, but don't let that stop you! This zine offers great advice for staying dry (and safe!) as you bike around the city.

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  • For Skaters By Skaters (FSBS)

    Explore one of the nation's most skate-friendly cities with this guide to the best skateboarding parks and skate shops in the Portland region.

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  • Stand Here and Look Up

    Even in the winter months, striking colors set Portland's skies afire. In "Stand Here and Look Up," photographer Delaney Allen takes you to the best places to see spectacular views.

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Running & Biking


Other activities

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