Portland is the perfect launchpad for outdoor activities and adventure.

Forest Park joggersPortland's Forest Park has 70 miles of trails.

You don’t have to venture far from town to find yourself paddling on a secluded bay, hiking a forested trail or observing native wildlife.

Parks & Gardens

  • The outdoor trailblazer's guide to Portland

    The outdoor trailblazer’s guide to Portland

    You don’t need to leave Portland city limits to explore the great outdoors. Start with our guide to eight favorite parks, gardens and green spaces.

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  • Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

    Round-up of parks and gardens

    Home to both a sprawling urban wilderness and the world’s smallest park, Portland offers visitors a breath of fresh air.

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  • Forest Park has 70 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy.

    Forest Park

    With 70 miles of trails — all within Portland city limits — the 5,156-acre Forest Park is a popular escape for runners, equestrians and hikers alike.

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  • Large pink and yellow rhododendron are the backdrop for a young woman playing in Portland’s Washington Park.

    Washington Park

    Beyond big trees and picnic tables, Washington Park offers a zoo, two museums, gardens and more, all bordered by one of the country’s premier urban wildernesses.

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  • The Portland Japanese Garden offers over 5 acres of tranquility and a tea house.

    Portland Japanese Garden

    An authentic example of Japanese landscaping, the Portland Japanese Garden is a haven of tranquil beauty with an unsurpassed view of Mount Hood.

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  • The Rose Garden in Washington Park.

    Portland International Rose Test Garden

    The Portland Rose Garden in Washington Park features more than 10,000 roses, plus spectacular views of downtown and Mount Hood.

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  • The Lan Su Chinese Garden offers tranquil garden paths and a cozy tea house.

    Lan Su Chinese Garden

    An authentic Ming Dynasty style garden built by Suzhou artisans, the Lan Su Chinese Garden takes up an entire block of the city's historic Chinatown district, and offers a peaceful escape from city life.

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  • The many slides and climbing structures at the playground at Washington Park are keeping children entertained.

    Parks with playgrounds

    If you're not old enough to fully appreciate Portland's beer, bikes and arts culture, we also have many slides and swings perfect for kids.

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  • Admire ten spectacular waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park.

    Silver Falls State Park

    Famous for its abundance of picturesque waterfalls, Silver Falls State Park is the largest state park in Oregon at 9,200 acres (3723 hectares) and one of the most popular.

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  • Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise over Mount Hood while camping at Trillium Lake.

    Camping near Portland

    To truly appreciate the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, spend a memorable night under the stars at these scenic campsites located within an easy drive from the city.

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  • Upgrade your next outdoor adventure by renting a warm and cozy yurt.

    Yurt camping near Portland

    Midway between primitive camping and “glamping” stands the modern-day yurt, a circular tent with electricity, heating, skylights, windows and wooden floors.

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  • Portland's RV park offer amenities like heated pools, game room and fitness centers.

    RV parks in and near Portland

    Whether you’re craving a woodland adventure, an urban exploration or just a great roadside view as you travel cross-country in your RV, Portland has it all - along with comfortable and convenient locations to park or set up camp.

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Seasonal activities

Outdoors zines

  • Urban explores

    Urban Explores

    Portland is the ultimate enchanted forest loosely disguised as a city. This zine highlights just a handful of the wild areas you can find right in the city, plus some nearby local attractions.

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  • Riding in the Rain

    Riding in the Rain

    There's a lot of rain happening in Portland from November to March, but don't let that stop you! This zine offers great advice for staying dry (and safe!) as you bike around the city.

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  • FSBS (Skate guide)

    For Skaters By Skaters (FSBS)

    Explore one of the nation's most skate-friendly cities with this guide to the best skateboarding parks and skate shops in the Portland region.

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  • Stand Here and Look Up

    Stand Here and Look Up

    Even in the winter months, striking colors set Portland's skies afire. In "Stand Here and Look Up," photographer Delaney Allen takes you to the best places to see spectacular views.

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Running & Biking

  • A group of runners on one of Forest Park's many trails.

    Running in Portland

    The city’s passion for recreational running and ample resources make it easy for visitors to join the community and break a sweat in the name of sightseeing.

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  • Athletes of all ages enjoy the annual St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Run.

    Portland running events

    Participate in a costumed fun run, carbo-load with endless spaghetti or qualify for the Boston Marathon in the Portland region's best running events.

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  • Five cyclists enjoying a bike tour in downtown Portland.

    Bike tours & rentals

    Portland has more than 300 miles (483 km) of bike lanes, paths and low-traffic streets designated as "bike boulevards," making cycling one of the best ways to see the city.

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  • Test your mountain biking skills on the expert-only Syncline trail.

    Biking in the Columbia River Gorge

    The Columbia River Gorge is a recreational biker’s paradise, with options including car-free blacktop, smooth single-track flows and canyon trails with tricky switchbacks.

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  • Cyclists go for an autumn ride along the Banks-Vernonia State Trail.

    Bicycling the Banks-Vernonia State Trail

    The small logging town of Vernonia has become a central hub for bike routes through the surrounding state forest.

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  • Photo by Jonathan Maus

    Cycling events

    Bike-loving Portlanders have come up with all sorts of rides and events that fill the calendar with two-wheeled shenanigans.

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  • Cyclists enjoy great views in Portland.

    Portland by bike

    With bike lanes and paths all over town — not to mention cool forests and striking scenery — the city is pretty much a cyclist’s oyster.

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Water sports

Other activities

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