Northwest Portland / Nob Hill

Northwest Portland offers sophisticated shopping, dining and people-watching.

NW 23rd AvenueShoppers stroll along Northwest 23rd Avenue.

Victorians, boutiques and restaurants line the streets of this neighborhood that’s ideal for leisurely strolls, while the adjoining Forest Park was made for hikes.

  • Portland People

    Portland fashion and tax-free shopping

    Which Portland fashion archetype are you? This zine explores the city's different takes on fashion and shows where to shop (tax-free!) to find the looks. The characters aren't real, but the fashion is.

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  • NW Quadrants Hero

    Get Out: Northwest Portland

    This zine will have you living on the edge ... of Portland, at least. Portland is divided into five quadrants that offer delicious meals, tax-free shopping, one-of-a-kind bars and much more off the beaten path. Here's what to do in Northwest Portland.

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  • BodyVox performances are full of surprises.

    Northwest Portland activities

    This district contains cultural institutions and entertainment options — and borders on a huge urban wilderness laced with trails.

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  • Test out local and boutique cosmetic brands at Blush Beauty Bar.

    Northwest Portland shopping

    In Northwest Portland, century-old Victorian and Craftsman-style storefronts housing unique boutiques stand alongside national retailers.

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  • French fries and marrow bones are prepped at Paley's Place.

    Northwest Portland dining

    Explore the roots of Portland's acclaimed dining scene as well as newer favorites along bustling Northwest 23rd and 21st avenues.

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  • Thousands of swifts soar across the sky at Chapman Elementary School.

    Chapman Swift Watch

    Every September, spectators gather to see the world’s largest roost of Vaux’s swifts swarm and spiral into the chimney of a Northwest Portland school.

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  • Four hands with four beers toast to world-class beer and spirits at Rogue Distillery and Public House.

    Pearl District & NW Portland brewery tour

    In the Pearl and Northwest, local legends like BridgePort and McMenamins brew alongside flagship names from around the state.

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  • Pittock Mansion

    Pittock Mansion

    High in the West Hills, the Pittock Mansion offers picture-perfect views of the city as well as a revealing glimpse of Portland’s past.

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  • Forest Park has 70 miles of trails for hikers to enjoy.

    Forest Park

    With 70 miles of trails — all within Portland city limits — the 5,156-acre Forest Park is a popular escape for runners, equestrians and hikers alike.

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Did you know?

  • You may hear locals refer to Northwest as “The Alphabet District.” This historic moniker refers to the alphabetical naming of the area’s east-west streets, from Burnside (Couch, Davis, Everett, etc.) to Wilson.

    Knowing that the streets are named in alphabetical order can be very helpful in navigating; if you’re on 23rd and Glisan and want to get to 23rd and Irving, just check the next street sign — if it reads “Hoyt,” you’re going the right way!

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