Northwest Portland / Nob Hill

Northwest Portland offers sophisticated shopping, dining and people-watching.

NW 23rd AvenueShoppers stroll along Northwest 23rd Avenue.

Victorians, boutiques and restaurants line the streets of this neighborhood that’s ideal for leisurely strolls, while the adjoining Forest Park was made for hikes.

Did you know?

  • You may hear locals refer to Northwest as “The Alphabet District.” This historic moniker refers to the alphabetical naming of the area’s east-west streets, from Burnside (Couch, Davis, Everett, etc.) to Wilson.

    Knowing that the streets are named in alphabetical order can be very helpful in navigating; if you’re on 23rd and Glisan and want to get to 23rd and Irving, just check the next street sign — if it reads “Hoyt,” you’re going the right way!

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