Parks with playgrounds

Portland offers many great places for kids to play.

washington-park-playgroundThe Playground at Washington Park

If you’re four years old — and not quite ready to fully appreciate Portland’s celebrated beer, bikes and arts culture — we also have a large number of slides and swings that may appeal to your tastes and high spirits. This article lists some of our favorite spots, but consult the Portland Parks and Recreation site for the comprehensive list of over 100 playgrounds in the city.

Washington Park’s playground

Conveniently situated next door to the International Rose Test Garden and the Japanese Garden, Washington Park‘s playground offers Portland’s largest play structure, two sets of swings, a sand pit and at least three slides.

Peninsula Park

A popular spot for wedding photos and family picnics, Peninsula Park has a fantastic playground for children with a variety of structures to clamber over, climb through, spin around and slide down – plus a sprinkler for the summer months. The southern end of the park also has a beautiful fountain area, surrounded by brick pathways and a rose garden – truly one of Portland’s hidden gems.

Sellwood Park

One of the largest parks in the city also has the largest playground. Self-contained and surrounded by tall trees and rhododendron bushes, the Sellwood Park playground stays cool in the summer and has large selection of swings, slides, see-saws etc.


Nestled by trees, just southwest of the top of Mt. Tabor, lies the Volcano Playground, which is not nearly as dangerous as the name suggests. A trip to this play area combines well with some gentle hiking around the park’s many trails, and some great views of the city from the dormant volcano’s summit.

Playdate PDX

Photo taken at Playdate PDX

Inside the playstructure at Playdate PDX.

If it’s raining and the children are beginning to suffer from cabin fever, you might want to swing by Playdate PDX. Not only does it offer a huge indoor play structure close to the heart of the city, but parents can sit back in the cafe and sip on coffee (or even beer) while the kids burn off their excess energy.

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