#reopeningpdx: Supporting Portland Attractions & More

The hashtag #reopeningpdx encourages support for Portland attractions, experiences and businesses.

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Travel Portland is adopting the hashtag #reopeningpdx to organize and amplify our support for local attractions as they reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve already been encouraging our nearly 375,000 fans across Instagram and Facebook to support their favorite Portland businesses and attractions during quarantine. With #reopeningpdx, we’re launching a concerted effort to spread the word about what’s now open, encouraging fans to support vital businesses at this critical time.

How It Works

Travel Portland will:

  • Post least 2 times per week on our Instagram (IG) and Facebook (FB) organic feeds and stories, promoting the general #reopeningpdx concept and inviting businesses to engage with the posts to let users know they’re reopening.
  • Share posts from businesses that tag us (@travelportland) and use the hashtag (#reopeningpdx) on our FB and IG stories.
  • Run paid campaigns with #reopeningpdx ads on both FB and IG, targeted to locals.
  • Maintain a page (www.travelportland.com/reopening) that lists key attractions with reopening statuses/dates and links to lists of reopened businesses from local media outlets. Travel Portland will not attempt to maintain a list of all Portland businesses’ opening statuses; businesses must update their own websites and Google listings to reflect that information.

Attractions and other businesses that are reopening should:

  • Post to Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook and FB Stories using #reopeningpdx and tagging @travelportland.
    • Highlight reopening dates and any special procedures and considerations.
    • Include links to your website’s information about reopening.
    • Add other relevant hashtags like #portlandtogether.
  • Engage on #reopeningpdx posts (yours and ours) to boost visibility and engagement.

Consumers who see these posts will engage directly with attractions to learn more and plan visits.

Other Considerations

  • Travel Portland’s messaging will reflect awareness that this crisis has caused significant financial hardship for many people, and that not everyone will feel comfortable visiting reopened businesses yet. Calls to visit and support businesses will be positioned as, “If you’re able, please consider …”
  • In the spirit of inclusivity, Travel Portland will post at least once a week to our organic feeds and stories with details on how those with the means can support attractions and businesses that aren’t yet reopening — through donations, purchasing merch, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact content@travelportland.com.