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  • The Sleepwalker's Guide to Portland
    Portland after hours Wake up to the city's restaurants and bars and nightlife options that stay open late. Stay up »
  • Portland Food & Drink
    Food & drink Indulge in Portland's exceptional food scene, from food carts to fine dining. Dig in »
  • An Octicorn's Guide to Portland
    OCTICORN'S GUIDE TO PORTLAND A half-octopus, half-unicorn, half-confused creature shares his favorite places in town. Meet Octi »
  • Mount Hood
    Mount Hood Oregon's tallest peak is primed for skiing, snowboarding and all sorts of fun. Hit the slopes »
  • Portland fashion and tax-free shopping
    Local fashion Get to know to some of Portland's best-dressed characters and where they shop. Pack an extra bag »

Portland is Happening Now

When’s the best time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening here that isn’t happening anywhere else.

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