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  • Portland’s best moments of 2016
    Portland best moments of 2016 Look back on a year filled with great eats, drinks, sporting events and more. Cheers! »
  • Winter hikes in and near Portland
    Winter hikes It’s well worth braving the elements for these beautiful walks in and around Portland. Lace up »
  • 24 hours on Mount Hood
    24 hours on Mount Hood Spend a perfect day sledding, shredding and cozying up to the fire at this nearby winter wonderland. Hit the slopes »
  • Where to soak in Portland
    Soak spots in Portland Relax in the water all year round at these soaking pools, float tanks and saunas. Take a break »
  • Whale watching on the Oregon coast
    Whale watching on the Oregon Coast Meet the region’s largest inhabitants during their winter and spring migrations. Head out »

Portland is Happening Now

When’s the best time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening here that isn’t happening anywhere else.

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