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  • Swimming holes near Portland
    Swimming holes Cool off at these six rivers, beaches and waterfalls near Portland. Jump in »
  • Portland with kids
    Portland with Kids Discover fun and kid-friendly attractions around Rose City. Go play »
  • Where to watch the Olympics in Portland
    Rio olympics Find the best spots to watch the summer Olympic games in Portland. Let the games begin »
  • Biketown bike-share in Portland
    Biketown The brand-new bike-share program brings 1,000 smart bikes to the central city. Hop on »
  • Camping near Portland
    Camping near Portland These six campgrounds make it easy to bask in Oregon’s natural beauty. Head outside »

Portland is Happening Now

When’s the best time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening here that isn’t happening anywhere else.

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