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  • Summer concert round-up
    Summer concerts Savor Portland’s glorious summer with outdoor concerts — many of which are free. Strike a chord »
  • Portland with kids
    Portland with kids Kid-friendly attractions run the gamut from trains to elephants, fountains to rides. Let's play! »
  • Outdoors
    Outdoors With overflowing gardens and miles of trails, Portland is the perfect launchpad for outdoor adventure. Head outside »
  • Tours & Itineraries
    Tours & Itineraries Find a guide or be your own to make sure you get the most of your trip. Explore more »
  • More top sights in Portland
    More top sights Tackle the next batch of top sights, like the city's next big (but actually tiny!) doughnut and more. Explore more »

You Can, in Portland

No matter what it is you’d like to be, do, eat or drink — even if you’ve never tried it before — You Can, in Portland.

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