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  • Portland Dining Month
    PORTLAND DINING MONTH Peruse menus from 120+ top restaurants, all offering three-course dinners for $29 from March 1–31. Dig in »
  • Portland fashion and tax-free shopping
    Portland fashion Uncover the city's different takes on fashion and where to shop (tax-free!) to find the styles. Get the look »
  • Black Portlands
    Black Portlands Intisar Abioto (The Black Portlanders) profiles African American movers, shakers and culture-makers. Meet them »
  • Elephant Lands at Oregon Zoo
    Elephant Lands The Oregon Zoo's new state-of-the-art exhibit is stirring up elephantine levels of excitement. Follow the herd »
  • Portland pizza guide
    Portland Pizza Discover 10 of Portland's best pizza spots and get recommendations for favorite slices and pies. Grab a slice »

Portland is Happening Now

When’s the best time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening here that isn’t happening anywhere else.

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