• Welcome to Beervana Beer lovers, look no further — in Portland, you’ll find 60 breweries, scads of beer fests and tap lists galore. Tap into the scene »
  • Portland's Must-Sees From gardens and museums to coffee shops and bookstores, don't miss these 12 spots. Get the scoop »
  • FOOD & DRINK At acclaimed restaurants, brewpubs and more than 600 food carts, Portland chefs produce some of the best food in the nation. Dig in »
  • Keep Portland Weird Absurd museums, wacky events, thousands of naked cyclists — learn how Portland lives up to its unofficial motto. Find the weird stuff »
  • No time for sales tax From big brands to only-in-Portland designers, this city has got it — with no sales tax. Start shopping »

Portland is Happening Now

When’s the best time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening here that isn’t happening anywhere else.

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