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In Portland, there’s always something happening.

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Upcoming & Ongoing Events

Events by season

  • summer events

    Summer events

    Portland pulls out all the stops, with festivals celebrating craft beer, music, contemporary art and the city’s internationally acclaimed culinary scene.

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  • A woman and three children find their way through the tall corn at the Corn Maize at The Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.

    Fall events

    As the weather cools, Portland's calendar fills with cultural, wine and holiday events.

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  • A jazz trio on piano, saxophone and double bass perform during the Portland Jazz Festival.

    Winter events

    In January, February and March, Portland offers plenty of activities to while away the cool days and long nights.

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  • Row after row of tulips in red, yellow, white and vibrant purple fill the fields at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.

    Spring events

    April, May and June bring spring showers, blooming flowers and lots of only-in-Portland activities.

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Events by month

Events by theme

  • Food & drink events

    With lush farms, rivers and the ocean all nearby — and with masterful chefs and artisan producers in the city — it's no wonder Portland has so many events centered around food and drink.

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  • Photo by Jonathan Maus

    Cycling events

    Bike-loving Portlanders have come up with all sorts of rides and events that fill the calendar with two-wheeled shenanigans.

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  • A large gathering of men, all in red dresses, celebrate at the Red Dress Party.

    LGBT festivals & events

    From film festivals to parties and pride parades, Portland's LGBTQ community celebrates all year 'round.

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  • A jazz trio on piano, saxophone and double bass perform during the Portland Jazz Festival.

    African American events

    From music festivals and film screenings to political and neighborhood gatherings, Portland's African American community hosts events throughout the year.

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  • Chinese American events

    Around the New Year (usually in late January or early February), there are lots of activities organized by various local Chinese organizations.

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  • Hispanic American events

    North America's largest Cinco de Mayo celebration is the centerpiece of Portland's Latino events.

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  • Japanese American events

    Featuring many events at the gorgeous Portland Japanese Garden, the local Japanese American community offers a full calendar of celebrations and activities.

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