Literary Portland

This book-friendly city is home to an annual book festival and the world's largest independent bookstore.

Blame it on the rain … or maybe being home to the world’s largest independent new and used bookstore attracts both writers and readers. No matter the reason, there’s no denying that Portland loves its literature. Plan a book-lover’s holiday with these resources.

The Portland Book Festival

Portland Book Festival (formerly “Wordstock”) returns every November with an impressive (and extensive) lineup of local and national authors.

Bookstores and Reading Spots

Powell’s City of Books

Covering an entire city block, Powell's is a landmark, a great bookstore and a microcosm of the city itself.

Portland Bookstores, Beyond Powell’s

Don't stop with the largest independent bookstore in the world; these seven other shops offer an abundance of literary riches.

Eight Coffee Shops Made for Reading

Pick up a winning read at one of Portland’s many independent bookstores and curl up in a cozy corner of one of these eight local coffee shops.

Portland Books and Authors

These notable hometown authors capture the spirit of the Northwest and are must-reads for visitors and locals alike.

5 to Try

Destinations for Book-Lovers

  • Multnomah County Central Library

    The oldest public library on the West Coast boasts historic architecture, more than 17 miles of bookshelves and terrific artwork.

  • Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden

    Three of the characters from the beloved author's "Ramona" books are immortalized in this Northeast Portland park, located near the famous Klickitat Street.

  • The Heathman Hotel

    This stately hotel's mezzanine library features more than 3,000 volumes signed by their authors, all of whom stayed at the hotel.

  • Forest Park

    Visit this Northwest Portland wilderness to walk in the footsteps of characters from the Wildwood Chronicles and My Abandonment.

  • Independent Publishing Resource Center

    Founded in 1998, this nonprofit provides access to the tools and skills to independently publish zines, books, comics and graphic novels.