Karen Martwick

Karen Martwick, Travel Portland’s director of content strategy, has lived in Portland since 1993. Read More

Ice Cream in Portland

Creativity might just be in the water — or the cream — in Portland.

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Karen Martwick

Karen Martwick, Travel Portland’s director of content strategy, has lived in Portland since 1993. Read More

Restaurants and food carts aren’t the only places to experience Portland’s hyperlocal independent culinary scene — you can also savor that creativity by the scoop.

Ice Cream in Portland

Salt & Straw

Opened just two years ago, Salt & Straw has already spawned a second and third location and entranced food critics from the likes of Bon Appétit and Sunset magazine. Unexpected recipes like strawberry with balsamic vinegar and black pepper, pear with blue cheese, and Arbequina olive oil might raise eyebrows, but trust your taste buds: These flavors sing. Watch for limited-edition offerings, like the Timbers-soccer-inspired “Rose City Riot,” featuring rosewater, pistachios and saffron-infused cream.

Ruby Jewel

Farm-fresh ingredients are no strangers to Ruby Jewel. The ice creamery got its start at the Portland Farmers Market and now boasts a pair of brick-and-mortar locations serving locally sourced scoops, sundaes and addictive ice cream sandwiches. Try the lemon cookie with honey lavender ice cream or adventurous specials like chevre with port. The downtown shop also features a candy shop and soda fountain.

What’s the Scoop?

For a true mad scientist’s approach, try What’s the Scoop?, which utilizes liquid nitrogen to fast-freeze its handcrafted treats for unbelievable creaminess. Rotating flavors include Maple Jack (as in Jack Daniel’s whiskey) Bacon Brittle and peanut butter curry. Experimentation has rarely tasted this sweet.

Soft Serve Ice Cream in Portland

Portland’s devotion to ice cream has produced some of the nation’s top scoop shops, featuring both traditional and dairy-free options.

Fifty Licks

Started out of a powder-blue delivery truck, Fifty Licks scoops up tantalizing flavors like cherry bourbon, Stumptown Coffee, and Tahitian vanilla — still the most popular flavor — all from locally sourced ingredients. For a grown-up treat, try the inventive ice cream cocktails.

Eb & Bean

Craving something lighter? Eb & Bean offers frozen yogurt with a Portland twist, namely gourmet, all-natural and scratch-made toppings like roasted hazelnuts, dye-free sprinkles and Fleur de Lis cinnamon-sugar doughnuts. Plus, both shops cater to a dairy-free diet with an almond-milk-based yogurt and non-dairy toppings.

Sweet Treats

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Portland's food carts, sweet shops and even breweries offer creative variations on classic campfire s'mores.

Chocolate and Sweets in Portland

Portland offers distinguished artisan chocolate and handmade sweet treats all year long.

Doughnut Shops in Portland

Voodoo is just one of many doughnut purveyors in Portland serving zany creations, gourmet flavors and gluten-free goodies.