Portland by car

These tips on driving, parking and car-sharing will help you get around the city.

Car2GoPortland offers several car-sharing options.

Get local insight on the city’s freeways, traffic laws, parking meters and lots, car-sharing services and sharing the road with cyclists, trains and buses.

  • Portland's RV park offer amenities like heated pools, game room and fitness centers.

    RV parks in and near Portland

    Whether you’re craving a woodland adventure, an urban exploration or just a great roadside view as you travel cross-country in your RV, Portland has it all - along with comfortable and convenient locations to park or set up camp.

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  • Portland's 12 bridges across the Willamette River offer stunning views any time of day.

    Bridges of Portland

    The Willamette River, which divides the city into east and west sides, features a dozen distinct crossings that hint at the city’s eclectic personality.

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  • You can't drive a boat on Portland streets, but a car with a boat is just fine.

    Driving in Portland

    While Portland prides itself on being a city that’s easy to get around without a car, these tips will help you tour the city in four-wheeled fashion.

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  • There are several parking lots within walking distance of downtown's Pioneer Place mall.

    Parking in Portland

    These tips will help you find parking in Portland's central city.

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  • Portland offers several car-sharing options.

    Car- and ride-sharing

    Car- and ride-sharing services in Portland make it easier than ever to get around the city without bringing your own vehicle.

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