Chocolate & sweets

From famous donuts to handcrafted chocolates, Portland loves its sweets.

Voodoo DoughnutIt's OK to play with your food at Voodoo Doughnut.

Portland’s fondness for sweet stuff goes way beyond Voodoo Doughnut to include artisan chocolates, inventive ice cream and more.

  • Donutocalypse

    Donutocalypse donut coloring book

    This apocalyptic coloring book lists some of Portland's best donuts, as well as art supply stores and bike rentals (for working off those extra calories).

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  • Breakfast bowls and ricotta fritters at Roman Candle Baking.

    Portland’s best bakeries

    Nibble a Danish or slice of rustic bread with our expert guide to Portland’s best bakeries, including allergy-friendly options and award-winners galore.

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  • Seasonal truffles at Moonstruck Chocolate Co.

    Chocolate in Portland

    Chocolate is far from a once-a-year obsession in the City of Roses. For many locals, it is a lifetime pursuit.

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  • Gourmet food cart Nineteen27 S'mores kicks the campfire classic up a notch.

    Seven amazing s’mores spots in Portland

    Our food carts, sweet shops and even breweries offer creative variations on the classic campfire treat, guaranteed to keep your sweet tooth satisfied all winter year long.

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  • Voodoo's Old Town location draws a crowd at all hours of the day — and night.

    Voodoo Doughnut

    Since 2003, Portland's Voodoo Doughnut has sold millions of wacky, sugary snacks — and with lines forming all hours of the day, the downtown landmark shows no signs of slowing.

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  • Blue Star Donuts' "donuts for grown-ups"

    Doughnut shops in Portland

    From zany creations to gluten-free goodies, Portland's doughnut purveyors have everything to satisfy your cravings to all things baked and delicious.

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  • A fresh waffle cone from Ruby Jewel Scoops

    Ice cream in Portland

    Restaurants and food carts aren’t the only places to experience Portland’s hyperlocal independent culinary scene — you can also savor that creativity by the scoop.

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  • Sample truffles like these from Portland's Alma Chocolate at ChocolateFest.


    Mouthwatering, decadent chocolate deserves to be celebrated, and that's where Portland's annual ChocolateFest comes in.

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Did you know?

  • Portland is home to Voodoo Doughnut, a 24-hour doughnut shop that offers legal wedding ceremonies (in addition to a crazy selection of doughnuts). It also boasts the Guinness Book of World Records’ title for “World’s Largest Box of Doughnuts.”

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