Ways to practice self-care in Portland

Treat yourself at these spas, soak spots, tea shops and much more.

selfcareShow yourself some love with a soothing massage at Blooming Moon Spa.
Blooming Moon Spa

It’s okay to admit that you occasionally get stressed, tired or sad — even while traveling. But after visiting these local self-care gems, you’ll be back to feeling on top of the world.

Hit the spa

It’s a cliché, sure, but a trip to the spa really can do wonders for your mood. Portland has a fantastic array of spas and massage spots to suit every price point and personality. We recommend the Scandinavian saunas at Loyly, a soothing massage with essential oils at Kiva, an antioxidant-rich berry facial at Blooming Moon, the “Glow Up” facial steam at Blendily or an incredible foot massage at Barefoot Sage.

Take a walk

In the mood for a meditative stroll? Portland boasts nearly 300 parks and natural areas, including Forest Park, one of the country’s largest urban forests with 70 miles (113 km) of trails. Find peace in the tranquil beauty of the Portland Japanese Garden or wander in blissful silence through the authentic Ming Dynasty-style Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Eat well

Your mom might have been onto something when she told you to eat your veggies. Happily, nourishing eats and drinks await at Portland’s many fantastic juice bars. Snack on a tropical acai bowl at Kure Kitchen, a tempeh scramble at Harlow or green papaya “pasta” at Prasad. Top off your nutrition-packed meal with a green juice and ginger-spiked wellness shot.

Work it out

Endorphins are fantastic mood-boosters and, as one of the fittest cities in America, Portland offers myriad ways to work out. Some of our favorites include pedaling to the beat at Revocycle or BurnCycle or feeling the burn at Portland-born Barre3. And if you’d rather run through Forest Park or along the Eastbank Esplanade, that works, too.

Float away

Let your stress evaporate with a trip to a local soak spot. Get straight to relaxing in a traditional soaking pool at Common Ground Wellness Center or McMenamins Kennedy School. Tune out the world in a sensory deprivation tank at Float On. Or go all out at luxurious Knot Springs, with its hot, tepid and cold pools, plus sauna and steam room.

Try tea

Curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea at one of Portland’s many charming tea shops. From the plush couches and flickering candles at Townshend’s three locations to the repurposed caboose that houses Sellwood’s Tea Chai Te, these quiet lounges are some of the coziest spots in the city. 

Natural remedies

You don’t need to be an herbal master to take advantage of Portland’s great herb shops and apothecaries. Stock up on anti-anxiety aromatherapy oils at Altar or try traditional natural remedies at the Herb Shoppe Pharmacy. Naturopath-owned Fettle Botanic stocks an extensive selection of tinctures and tonics along with expert advice.

Something sweet

There’s no shame in eating your feelings, and Portland has all sorts of delicious dessert destinations. Enjoy a scoop of cinnamon snickerdoodle ice cream at Salt & Straw or a slice of triple chocolate cake at Papa Haydn. Go healthy-ish with a cup of vanilla-roasted macadamia frozen yogurt from Eb & Bean, or savor an iconic maple bacon bar from Voodoo Doughnut.

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