Parking in Portland

In a lot or on the street? You make the call.

Pioneer PlaceThere are several parking lots within walking distance of downtown's Pioneer Place mall.

Parking lots

SmartParkLogoThe city owns six downtown SmartPark garages with nearly 4,000 public spaces. Each lot displays the number of available spots above the entrance in real time. More than 200 retail businesses will provide a validation voucher for Smart Park parking with qualifying purchases.

Additional privately owned parking lots with varying daily, hourly, evening and weekend rates can be found throughout the central city.


On-street parking

In Portland’s central city, there are 15,000 metered parking spaces and two types of parking meters: the SmartMeter pay station and the single-space (coin-operated) meter.

A SmartMeter is a solar-powered, multi-space parking meter that replaces a block of single-space meters. SmartMeters accept nickels, dimes, quarters, small dollar coins, prepaid cards and credit/debit cards. If a SmartMeter is broken you must still provide proof of payment, so purchase a receipt from the nearest functioning machine and post it inside your car’s curbside window.

Parking apps

Simplify your public parking experience by using Parking Kitty. This free-to-download smartphone app allows you to pay for parking using just your phone (no more digging for coins for the parking meter). To use Parking Kitty, download the PassportParking app, create an account within the app and set up your payment information.

The next time you’re parking, open Parking Kitty, select the zone number of the area where you’re parked, select the amount of time you’ll be parked there, and pay directly through the app.

Parking enforcement officers will be able to see your mobile payment with their own handheld devices, so no need to worry about those parking meters. (Note: there is a 10 cent fee for each parking session used on Parking Kitty.)