Alternative yoga classes in and near Portland

Cat yoga and goat yoga and beer yoga, oh my!

The Original Goat Yoga – Courtesy Lainey MorseDestress with yoga (and a side of cuddling baby goats) at The Original Goat Yoga.Photo credit:
Lainey Morse

Are you bored with Bikram? Yawning at yin? It’s time to spice up your yoga practice at one of these alternative yoga classes in Portland. Visitors can do upward dog in a room filled with cats, hold warrior I in a field of frolicking goats or try tree pose in the tasting room of a local brewery. No matter which you choose, it’s sure to be an uplifting experience.

Yoga with animals

Goat yoga

About a 40-minute drive south of Portland in Oregon City is Goat Yoga , a global phenomenon since its creation in 2016. NPR, the BBC and the New York Times have all covered this unique form of animal therapy. During this hour-long vinyasa class, friendly goats may hop on your back, nuzzle you or even throw off your balance. Stick around after class for a meet-and-greet with affectionate the pygmy and full-sized goats. On weekends, you can upgrade to an afternoon of class, followed by wine tasting at Ruby Vineyards in Hillsboro, 30 miles (48 km) west of Portland.

Yoga with substances

Yoga with beer

Portland is home to dozens of studios and more than 75 craft breweries, so it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two. Yoga + Beer leads weekly “detox + retox” classes at brewpubs, including Ecliptic Brewing, Baerlic Brewing, and the Labrewatory. These classes, held every Monday night, feature 75 minutes of all-levels flow followed by snacks and pints for maximum relaxation.

Yoga with cannabis

When recreational marijuana was legalized in Oregon in 2015, it opened the door to plenty of unusual and interesting ventures. Case in point: Buddha Bud Yoga, a twice-monthly class held at Yoga Shala on North Williams Avenue. Participants ages 21 and up consume cannabis together before flexing their way through a series of safe beginner poses. (No headstands or tricky balancing poses here.) Fittingly, each class ends with plenty of tasty snacks.

Yoga for everyone

LGBTQ+ yoga

According to a 2015 survey, 5.5 percent of Portlanders identify as LGBTQ+ (more than any other U.S. metro region except San Francisco). Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Portland’s The People’s Yoga hosts a weekly class specifically for queer and transgender individuals. Join teacher Zeyah Rose on Tuesday nights for an hour of trauma-informed instruction and tension-relieving hatha flow.

Yoga for people of color

Held every other Saturday at People’s Co-op, Humans of Color Yoga is a 90-minute class created by and for people of color. Classes begin with introductions and history lessons, and may include discussions of societal issues that people of color face. (Mindful movement and breathing are also prominently featured.)

Yoga off the mat

Acrobatic yoga

If you’ve ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, then AcroYoga (that’s acrobatics + yoga) is for you. Portland is home to a robust AcroYoga scene, with classes offered several days a week at venues throughout the city, including Yoga Shala and YoYoYogi. Pro tip: Poses often include balancing on top of another person, so you may want to bring a buddy.

Aerial yoga

Founded in 2007 and practiced across the country, aerial yoga uses fabric slings to assist and deepen your asana practice. (Imagine stretching in a silky cocoon or dangling upside down in an inverted split.) Portland’s A-WOL Collective offers a wide range of classes in this exciting style, from “basics” and “restorative” to more advanced “flow” and “strength.”

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