Cymbeline by Original Practice Shakespeare Festival

Friday, July 26, 2024
7 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd & Stark St
Portland, OR 97214

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Shakespeare writes a fairy tale involving an evil stepmother, stolen princes, forbidden love, and a prince who is so bad you have to love. Posthumus (born after dad died, get it?) marries Princess Imogen in secret, gets banished, and makes a bet. Britain and Rome are warring. Cloten loses his head—literally.

OPS Fest brings no-cost repertory Shakespeare to parks and venues throughout the Portland Metro area. The company uses the original practice techniques of Elizabethan England: limited rehearsal, scrolls in hand, audience interaction, and an onstage prompter. In Shakespeare's Era, the audience knew the actors had not rehearsed and that the only context each had of the play was their own role on a scroll. The play was as fresh to the actors as the audience.