A renowned local scene, dedicated institutions and fantastic festivals harmonize beautifully in Portland.

Crystal BallroomMcMenamins Crystal Ballroom hosts a range of musical acts.

Portland’s musical offerings are diverse as the city itself, with options including indie rock, jazz, classical, pop and more.


The Portland Music Scene

  • The genre-spanning local troupe Pink Martini draws raves in Portland and around the world.

    Essential Portland bands

    Declared “America’s indie rock theme park” by Slate, Portland has a music scene that's a charismatic mix of homegrown headliners and rock-star transplants.

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  • Local jazz legend Mel Brown drums up a storm with his combo The Mel Brown Quartet.

    Portland jazz

    In Portland, it's pretty easy to find small venues hosting intimate combos of world-class talent, or bigger, more boffo live shows.

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  • Live music performances abound this spring in Portland, including Oregon Symphony.

    Classical music in Portland

    Portland's opera, symphony and other companies offer an ongoing lineup of inspiring performances, from timeless works to modern interpretations.

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  • Catch a free live show at Portland's oldest music store, Music Millennium.

    Vinyl shopping in Portland

    From vintage wax to new European imports, those rare releases you’ve been searching for are surely waiting at one of these rockin’ local record stores.

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Music Festivals

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