Favorite Portland tattoo shops

Here’s where to score a permanent Portland souvenir.

WonderlandTattoo-01-CropYou'll need to plan ahead to score an intricate botanical piece at Wonderland Tattoo.
Courtesy of Wonderland Tattoo

One of America’s most inked cities, Portland boasts a deep well of tattoo shops and artists, primed to help craft your permanent Rose City memory. Our round-up of Portland tattoo shops offers a mix of walk-in and appointment-only inking sessions. (Keep in mind, some artists have lengthy wait-lists — so plan ahead.) All that’s left to do is settle on some inspiration for your art, set a budget and provide your canvas.

Portland tattoo shops to try

Scapegoat Tattoo

Robustly staffed by eight full-time artists, Scapegoat ensures that your skin is in good hands. Located in Southeast Portland’s famous vegan mini-mall, the vegan-friendly staff steers clear of any animal-based products.


Among Scapegoat’s seven inkers, Shawn Hebrank specializes in black and grey work, while Nora Townsend favors floral and botanical subjects.

Hours & rates

Shop hours run from 12–8 p.m. daily.; Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome (especially on “flash days,” held the last Sunday of every month). An hourly artist rate of $180 (and a $80 shop minimum) might steer away impulsive customers. The long list of regulars here, however, speaks to the top-notch work.

Icon Tattoo Studio

Icon Tattoo Studio has held dominion over the North Portland tattoo scene since 1999. The inviting shop features a light-filled studio with large window and high ceilings.


Icon’s skillful cast of six artists, including Alena Chun and Mckenna Carlisle, offers tats in diverse and distinct styles. Options range from black and white roses to colorful portraits of women and animals.

Hours & rates

Appointments are the norm, but a scheduled walk-in Saturday occurs monthly. Hours from run from 11 a.m.–6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturdays. (Note: artists only accept cash.)

Sea Tramp Tattoo Company

Located in the Central Eastside, Sea Tramp is Oregon’s oldest tattoo shop, founded in 1978 by legendary artist Bert Grimm. )He’s rumored to have inked the infamous Bonnie and Clyde and his historic flash sheets line the shop’s walls.)


Sea Tramp’s three artists — Patrick Murphy, Skot Ramsay and Mike Stevens — carry on Grimm’s tradition, specializing in old-school designs.

Hours & rates

Hourly rates vary, but the shop minimum is set at $80 (cash only). Walk-ins are welcome from 4 p.m.–midnight, 363 days of the year.

Atlas Tattoo

Set inside a large blue house in North Portland, Atlas Tattoo features a cast of 10 esteemed artists.


Atlas’ roster includes some of Portland’s most popular tattoo artists, like Jerry Ware,Cheyenne Sawyer and Dan Gilsdorf. Ware works in clean lines and bright colors, Sawyer incorporates Native American designs and Gilsdorf follows American and Japanese traditions.

Hours & rates

The buzzworthy staff means appointments (available six days a week) are best. Sundays are reserved for walk-ins, but plan to arrive early — lines tend to form before the 11 a.m. opening time. The shop minimum is $100, with an hourly rate of $180.

Grizzly Tattoo

Billed as one of the friendliest Portland tattoo shops, Grizzly Tattoo welcomes visitors beneath its glowing red neon sign. Operating on North Williams Avenue since 2011, the shop is known for talented artists who often book up months in advance.


Grizzly has eight artists on staff, including Laura Graham, who inks bold, feminine Victorian designs and Chris Valkov, specializing in geometric and cubist works.

Hours & rates

True to its friendly nature, the shop accommodates walk-ins every day. Grizzly is open 11 a.m.–8 p.m., and all artists charge $150 an hour, with a shop minimum of $80.

Wonderland Tattoo

Since opening in 2014 in Southeast Portland, Wonderland Tattoo has already become one of the city’s most popular ink parlors.


Its five resident artists, including local legends Alice Carrier and Kristen Holliday, are known for intricate botanical pieces.

Hours & rates

The artists’ extraordinary custom work means their appointment books only open about four times a year. If you score a session, these gorgeous tattoos come at $180 per hour, with a shop minimum of $100.

Ever True Tattoo

Visit the airy historic Old Town location of Ever True for a spur-of-the-moment Portland memento. Traditional pieces, botanical work and geometric patterning are the house specialties.


The four personable artists include owner Drat Diestler and Jeff Tarinelli, who specializes in Polynesian black work.

Hours & rates

Walk-ins are welcome from noon–7 p.m. A shop minimum of $60 further encourages spontaneity, though hourly rates hover around $160. (Note: Ever True accepts cash only.)

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