Oregon Craft Beer Month & Oregon Brewers Festival

Every summer, the state celebrates its favorite beverage with hundreds of events, including big beer fests in Portland.

Oregon Craft BeerJuly is Oregon Craft Beer Month, so grab a pint!

In Portland, any month of the year could be dedicated to local beer — what with our 75+ breweries and countless bars and pubs — but since 2007, it’s mainly July that’s been officially known as Oregon Craft Beer Month. From hefeweizens to sours, fruit beers to IPAs, brewers celebrate legendary local brews by packing the month with hundreds of activities and countless taproom specials. Keep an eye out for brew-centric events all summer long.

Portland events

Oregon Craft Beer month is celebrated throughout the state but there are plenty of events to enjoy near the city. Check out Puckerfest, a celebration of sour beers hosted by bottle shop Belmont Station, and the Oregon Trail Beer Fest in nearby Oregon City, which highlights local Oregon beers as well as beer from breweries located along the Oregon Trail.

Oregon Brewers Festival

The month culminates in the truly epic Oregon Brewers Festival in downtown Portland’s Waterfront Park. Tapping some of the world’s best brews since 1988, this annual rite of summer draws more than 85,000 discerning drinkers with pours from more than 90 craft breweries over five days. Stop by the International Tent, which features brewers from the Netherlands and New Zealand, for even more exotic offerings. Rare and specialty beers from across the country are accompanied by both food vendors and live music, creating one of the most festive scenes in Portland, any time of the year.

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