Multnomah Falls

Oregon’s tallest waterfall is a year-round attraction for all ages and abilities.

Multnomah FallsMultnomah Falls, 30 miles east of Portland, is Oregon's tallest waterfall.

Tips for visiting Multnomah Falls

As Oregon’s most-visited site, Multnomah Falls is often crowded, especially on summer weekends, when the parking lot frequently fills up. To get the most out of your visit, we recommend:

In a state where water regularly flows down from upon high, Multnomah Falls — all 620 feet (189 m) of it — stands above the rest as Oregon’s tallest waterfall. Located just 30 miles (48 km) east of downtown Portland along the Historic Columbia River Highway, the two-drop cascade attracts visitors of all types and ages, with both wheelchair-accessible viewing platforms and steep hiking trails that lead all the way to the top. Fed by rainwater and snowmelt, the falls’ steady stream runs year-round, making it a year-round attraction. The highest volume comes in winter and spring, and the waterfall sometimes freezes partially at the height of winter.

Many visitors make the 1/4-mile (0.4 km) hike up to the Benson Bridge, a photogenic foot-crossing built in 1914 by lumber baron Simon Benson, which spans the falls’ second drop. (Editor’s note: Due to rockfall and a dangerous rock overhang, the hiking trail from Benson Bridge to the top of Multnomah Falls is currently closed.)

Not just a great place to enjoy the view, it’s also perfect for catching your breath before forging ahead to the top, or returning to the Multnomah Falls Lodge below. Built in 1925, the lodge also has excellent views and is home to a restaurant, gift shop, espresso bar and U.S. Forest Service interpretive center.

Whether you climb to the top or peer up from the bottom, dress warmly and wear shoes with traction, because the waterfall’s spray makes the entire area cool and slick. Dressing for the water also means you’re already prepared for rainy weather, if storm clouds happen to roll into the Columbia River Gorge during your visit.

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