Portland’s most Instagram-ready spots

No filter is needed at these photo-friendly local landmarks.

2013_TP_winter_PioneerSquare045Snap that perfect Portland selfie at these popular photography spots.
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    We’ve all heard the saying: “Pics or it didn’t happen.” Luckily for you, we’ve collected Portland’s most Instagrammable spots to ensure your photographs capture PDX from its best angle. From mansions to flowers to doughnuts (this is Portland, after all), these picturesque destinations are sure to spark envy in your many friends and followers.

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    Eight best Instagram spots in Portland


    Photo by @alyshaleah

    Voodoo Doughnut

    If the emblematic pink boxes, bubblegum-colored brick wall and neon sign aren’t spectacle enough, then let the notorious delicacies at Voodoo Doughnut capture your camera’s vision. Cereal-coated cakes, bacon-bedazzled bars and voodoo doll-shaped donuts filled with jelly “blood” are just the beginning.

    Where to shoot

    From the line snaking along SW Third Ave. to the cramped interior, you can’t go wrong.






    Photo by @frenchspark

    Keep Portland Weird sign

    While you’re in Voodoo’s neighborhood, pop across the street to the iconic Keep Portland Weird sign and snap a selfie proudly featuring the city’s unofficial mantra. The Portlandia fans among your followers will surely recognize the sign from the television show’s opening credits.

    Where to shoot

    The parking lot across SW Third Ave. from Voodoo Doughnut (at Ankeny). Bonus points for a Unipiper sighting!




    Photo by @whitney_el

    Portland Oregon sign

    Perched atop Old Town’s White Stag Building, The Portland Oregon sign serves as a twinkling salutation to one and all. A snap of this informal city beacon — which looks spectacular day or night — guarantees instant nostalgia for your trip to the Rose City.

    Where to shoot

    The sidewalk on the north side of the Burnside Bridge affords the best view.





    Cathedral Park and St. Johns Bridge

    Believed to be a landing spot of Lewis and Clark, leafy Cathedral Park is gorgeous any time of year. The juxtaposition of this North Portland waterfront park with the gothic St Johns Bridge provides photographers with gorgeous sights. Capture the slender suspension bridge’s teal supports in the background, and you’re sure to rack up those likes in no time.

    Where to shoot

    Get ground-level shots in Cathedral Park and be sure to walk onto the bridge to capture its iconic spires.



    Photo by @blazertodd

    Mt. Tabor Park

    There’s nothing like spending the afternoon on a dormant volcano to get those creative juices flowing. With 190 acres (77 hectares) of trails, trees and reservoirs to explore, Mt. Tabor Park guarantees a perfect photo for every kind of Instagrammer. Be sure to check out their summer concert listings to make the most of your visit.

    Where to shoot

    The reservoirs offer a great foreground for the skyline, while the summit offers more expansive views.



    Photo by @alixdixon3

    International Rose Test Garden

    Perhaps the dreamiest spot in all of Stumptown, the International Rose Test Garden is a hotbed of Instagram activity for natives and visitors alike. The world-famous, century-old garden features more than 650 varieties of roses, not to mention sweeping views of the city. Don’t miss the park’s special Shakespeare garden, where visitors can see and sniff botanical beauties mentioned in the bard’s works.

    Where to shoot

    Capture the skyline from the eastern edge of the garden; the amphitheater is great for group shots.



    Photo by @sarah_chait

    Pittock Mansion

    Once the home of pioneering The Oregonian publisher Henry Pittock, historic Pittock Mansion promises panoramic views of downtown Portland and unparalleled glimpses of Mount Hood. You’ll find plenty of lavish details to document inside the French Renaissance-style chateau before heading outside to its expansive public grounds for a picture-perfect picnic.

    Where to shoot

    Shoot the city from the viewpoint on the east side of the mansion grounds, then turn around to get a shot of the mansion itself.


    Portland Japanese Garden

    Share the quiet power of the Portland Japanese Garden with your followers by snapping photos that encapsulate the garden’s tranquil beauty. Snag footage of the mesmerizing koi fish swimming beneath your feet, or take a silent still of the meticulously groomed Sand and Stone Garden.

    Where to shoot

    No matter where you point your camera, shots of this Portland treasure will provide digital bliss.

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