Belmont shopping

From local flavor to local fashion, Portland products and ideals have a home on Southeast Belmont Street.

NounSome of the things at Noun: A Person's Place for Things
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    A proper Belmont Street shopping spree starts by fueling up at Stumptown, a corner coffee shop that’s great for a quick cup and the freshest place to pick up a bag of beans for back home. Java in hand, it’s time to head down the block to Noun, which bills itself cleverly as “A Person’s Place for Things.” And that’s what you’ll find here: enviable wares including reproduction vintage refrigerators, collectible typewriters, wooden chairs and Japanese tea sets, all interspersed with local art. Sweeter still, the shop shares space with specialty baker Saint Cupcake, whose sinfully delicious confections make for great souvenirs of the experience (because you’ll be talking about them forever after).

    A curated mix of second-hand and new styles, Palace stocks clothing, accessories, and a mishmash of other items likes soaps, lotions, and fragrance for both men and women. The shop’s color-coordinated organization takes some getting used to, but it rewards shoppers who do some digging with quality garments. Discover your new favorite fragrance at Milk Milk Lemonade, the boutique perfume shop and work studio for local line OLO Fragrance.

    A trio of Belmont Street shops can help pull together a made-in-Portland look that you won’t find anywhere else. Twill is the go-to gem for colorful, affordable Portland-made clothing, from indie T-shirts to little black dresses. The womenswear store specializes in bold basics and creative prints, plus offers a 10 percent discount for teachers. The school set will also love the handmade journals put out by Ex Libris Anonymous. Their one-off products salvage recycled books, rebinding the covers around blank journal paper (leaving some of the more fun cover pages, library cards and previous personal inscriptions in place where they can). A similar eco-chic aesthetic drives the designers at Flipside Hats, who craft stylish headwear out of pre-consumer waste from big brands. With a range of cuts, colors, styles and fabrics these lids are all handmade and hip.

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