Fertile Ground Festival

Editor's Pick
Apr. 12–21, 2024

The following description was submitted by the event organizer.

Local art enthusiasts know Fertile Ground Festival is where you go to see Portland’s newest performance works first. Produced by the nonprofit Portland Area Theater Alliance (PATA), this festival returns to Portland every January. Fertile Ground is distinct from other cities’ “fringe” fests because it only features local producers and non-juried, waving creators through an open door to access the critics they value most: audiences.

Offerings include theater and dance, along with flourishes of comedy, musical theater, multi-media performances, staged readings and more. The festival also offers an opportunity to experience a variety of performance spaces throughout Portland.

Portland’s annual new works festival combines explorations in both music and dance. Some of the work is fully staged and ready for prime time. Other performances capture theater and dance works in progress. But the heat of brand-new art, no matter its state, has helped warm the winter here since 2009, and its graduates have gone on to glory outside the festival format.”– Oregon Arts Watch