Boris Giltburg

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Dec. 3–5, 2023
Days Vary, Times vary
Cost: $45 - $55
Various Locations

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Boris Giltburg, whose "pianism is ideally suited to late Beethoven … enormously pleasurable and revelatory" (BBC Music Magazine), opens his PPI recitals with the composer's lyrically rhapsodic Sonata No. 31 — a work of both serene respite and operatic pathos that, even upon first listen, envelops the soul with its loving embrace. From a dark, desolate opening to the heavenly ascension experienced in its final phrase, Liszt's Sonata in B Minor charts a journey of emotional catharsis filled with plenty of heart-racing moments, while Rachmaninoff's final preludes showcase the composer's ability to create grand cinematic scenes using even the most miniature of musical forms.