Throughlines: Connections in the Collection

Jan. 25–Nov. 1, 2024
Days Vary
Cost: $0 - $25
1219 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205

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Throughlines embraces wonder and curiosity, bringing together artworks from across the Museum’s collections to explore the range of artistic innovation. From diverse geographies, cultures, and time periods, artists have consistently created images, objects, and experiences that ask us to consider ourselves and the world from different perspectives. Visitors will encounter playful groupings that reveal how artists shape processes, materials, and forms into compelling and meaningful artworks. Organized by themes of portraiture and representation, views of the land and environment, and unexpected uses of imagery, ephemeral materials, and color, the exhibition prompts us to think about the objects in the collection as jumping-off points for stories and conversations that foster a greater sense of connection among us.

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